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Maneater – How to Jump Onto Land and Out of the Water

How to get all those unlockables that are on the ground

by Kyle Hanson


Maneater takes place in the water for 90% or more of your time with the game. However, there are times when you need to jump onto land, either for a mission or to grab a particularly tricky collectible. The game sort of explains how this works, though there’s actually a lot of ways to handle it better. To explain how this whole thing works, here’s how to jump onto land and out of the water in Maneater.

How to Jump onto Land and Out of the Water

There’s two main ways to get onto land in Maneater. There is a dedicated jump button with A on Xbox One or X on PS4 or Space on PC. This lets you lunge straight up out of the water if you’re in knifing mode, swimming along the surface. You won’t really need this if the land slopes into the water, such as on a beach. Then you can just swim straight at the shore and you’ll start flopping around all you need.

However, there are times where you need more than just a single jump. Sometimes there’s walls or other barriers making the leap onto land even tougher. For this you can swim under the water’s surface and aim up, toward the land. Press LT or L2 to lunge forward and swim faster and try to press it as you exit the water, than again while in the air. You should jump as high as you possibly can, hopefully clearing the barrier and making it to land.

Moving on land isn’t really a shark’s forte, but it works pretty well in Maneater. And with the Amphibious organ upgrade you can last pretty long out of the water, so try to use it often if this is something that is a problem. But that’s how to jump onto land and out of the water in Maneater.

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