Maneater – How to Level Up Fast

Get tons of XP the quick ways

by Kyle Hanson

Playing more as an action game most of the time, Maneater is still an RPG in some pretty important ways. It features XP, of course, and as you gain it and level up you unlock new areas of the map as well as new abilities and upgrades. So you want to do it pretty quickly, though be wary of spending too much time grinding lest you make the last few stages way too easy. So since XP and leveling up is important, how can you get through it quickly? Here’s how to level up fast in Maneater.

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How to Level Up Fast

Sticking to the main objectives is your best bet, as Maneater does offer enough XP through these to mostly get to the end of the game as expected. Each will deliver a set of nutrients and otehr upgrade material as well as XP upon completion. Once you finish those off the area should be dotted with optional objectives, so hit those up if you’re not ready to proceed to the next level. As you do them though, always keep in mind the best tip for leveling up fast in Maneater: just keep eating.

Everything you eat in Maneater gives you a pretty healthy amount of XP. The bigger the fish or creature, the more XP you get, so focus on things with higher levels that don’t take up a ton of time. If you do have time though, predators are the best source of XP and once you’re bigger than them, you can eat them pretty quickly. Munch on anything you can as you move from objective to objective and you’ll find yourself reaching your destination having gained a lot of additional XP.

Shark hunters are also a fantastic source of XP and are always available for a fight whenever you want. Just head to the nearest beach or source of human flesh and eat five of them to trigger a response. Once they arrive just check out our tips for taking them down. Defeat a few of them, including the main shark hunters that lead the pack, and you’ll earn plenty of XP to level up after just a short battle.

Beyond that it’s all about finding hidden caches of resources and collectibles, so be sure to grab those whenever possible. Use your sonar when you can, so that they show up on your map even if you didn’t see them. Follow all of this and you’ll know how to level up fast in Maneater.