Maneater – Where is Scaly Pete and How to Check on Him

Where to find Scaly Pete and how to fight him...kinda

by Kyle Hanson

As you wander the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, eating anything in your path and growing stronger, you have one singular purpose in mind: revenge. Revenge against Scaly Pete, the shark hunter who killed your mother and left you horribly scarred. But while you have this overarching quest in mind, you don’t actually interact with him all that much. Instead you check on him once you conclude each of the eight major segments of the game. But while most of the time this seems automatic, there’s actually a few objectives you have to complete to trigger it. To explain, here’s a rundown of where is Scaly Pete and how to check on (or fight) him.

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How to Check on, Find, or Fight Scaly Pete

At various points in the game you may see a prompt to check on Scaly Pete, or maybe even “fight Scaly Pete”. What these prompts are telling you to do is to wrap up that particular section of the map. While your stories are intertwined, he’s off doing his reality show thing while you grow in strength and size to possibly take him down later on. But you do need to “find” him every once in a while. As you complete sections of the map you will be tasked with tracking him down. What this actually means is that you need to complete all the objectives listed for you in the objective screen which can be accessed by pressing right on the d-pad or Tab.


Where is Scaly Pete

Scaly Pete is pretty much never actually on the map at the same time as you, but an objective will appear once you accomplish all the tasks listed on the right side of the objective screen, as seen above. In this example I have accomplished all but getting to 50% completion in Sapphire Bay and beating the boss of the area. So once I opened more caches or finished more missions the final boss would appear and after taking him down I could actually check on Scaly Pete to finish the area properly.

It may seem confusing, but it’s pretty simple. If you’re asking yourself where is Scaly Pete, how to check on him, or how to fight him then the answer is to open the objective screen and see what’s not complete on here. Once you finish up all the area objective he will pop up right in the middle of the map. Swim there to watch a cutscene, though things might change for the very last area of the game.