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Mario Golf Super Rush: Character Tier List

Who is top tee in the Mushroom Kingdom?

by Hunter Croenick


Everyone knows that Mario Golf: Super Rush isn’t your average golf game. Usually things like speed, stamina, and special moves aren’t something you see in a PGA Tour game. And here, choosing a character that works for you, and has some of the best perks with their overall stats, can keep you from bending your club in half over getting out-swinged.

Here’s a tier list of the best playing characters in the latest Mario Golf game, based off overall stats, special shots, dash moves, and some interesting mechanics you might not have expected that can give you an advantage:

Mario Golf: Super Rush Tier List

S Tier

  • Rosalina
  • Mario
  • Yoshi

A Tier

  • Luigi
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Boo
  • Wario
  • Daisy

B Tier

  • Bowser
  • Donkey Kong
  • Chargin Chuck
  • Toad
  • King Bob-omb
  • Pauline

C Tier

  • Waluigi
  • Peach

All these characters are ranked appropriately, depending on heavy advantages or disadvantages on the greens. But what makes each one stand out or fall behind? Let’s break it down, character by character, to understand how each one works.

Rosalina (S Tier)

The ever-watching mother of the stars caps off this roster with not only some impressive specials, but also a mechanic that only two characters in the game have so far: floating. It’s not just a cool way to move around: Rosalina can actually hover over terrain that normally would impede golfers on foot, even bunkers! Her dash move is decent, having a bit of startup time but covering a good enough distance. And her special shot, after blasting on impact, turns balls into Star Bits, which give them an unwieldy bounce, and an extreme curve when putting.

Mario (S Tier)


The superstar of the franchise for a reason, Mario is always the balanced character in the sports games. However, in this game, his speed is at a 9, which is nearly the highest speed in the game. His special shot is god tier, not only giving an explosive blast on impact, but also giving him a moment of dashing and invincibility with a Super Star. His dash is high-mid tier, being acrobatic to get over and out of obstacles, but just has average distance. And for a fairly balanced type, his driving distance almost gets as high as the other heavy hitters.

Yoshi (S Tier)

Everyone’s favorite green dino just so happens to be the fastest character in the game, at a full 10 in speed. What makes him of the highest tier despite his lower driving range, is his special dash. On top of the distance that the rolling egg carries him, with an extra Flutter Jump at the end, the egg is sent out from under his feet, and can actually hit other players. His special shot is basically the same as Rosalina’s in terms of status effects, only the balls become Yoshi eggs.

Luigi (A Tier)

The lean mean green bro catches a break for once, though still not matching his older brother in a few areas. He does boast the same speed, and a bit more control. But what makes Luigi top off this tier is his ice effects that his specials cause. Both his dash, and his special shot leave behind patches of ice that players and balls slip around on, the dash leaving behind icy trails (though having a bit of start-up charge and end lag), and the shot blasting a huge sheet of ice.

Bowser Jr. (A Tier)

Good ol’ BJ has his big bad papa proud, for being a higher class speed type with some interesting moves. His dash covers a great amount of distance, and his special shot, after an impact blast, obscures player balls, and the flagpole marker, in smoke. Plus we really love to see him flipping around with his swings.

Boo (A Tier)

A shorter swing this ghostie may have, but physical power isn’t really becoming of an ethereal Boo, is it? Boo is the other character after Rosalina that can float above terrain and avoid being slowed down. His dash has no startup and travels a great distance, while his special carries the same Rosalina/Yoshi effect of “haunting” balls that bounce around, and curve during putting.

Wario (A Tier)


One of the finest dressers in the golf club, Wario makes the cut over other power types, just barely, due to having a special that actually inflicts a unique status effect of shock. Players affected by this cannot hit the danger area at the top, lest they be electrocuted and forced to shoot over again. It also brings a huge thunder cloud that covers a portion of the map, blocking the view of your shot distance. On top of that, his dash special moves through the air, soaring over players and obstacles. The only disadvantage of that being you can’t ram into other golfers with it.

Daisy (A Tier)

The tomboy flower princess doesn’t just barely make the A list. Her speed, stamina, and control are excellent for her driving distance. And although her special shot doesn’t have many bells and whistles outside plowing through players and balls at a low trajectory, her dash is a little above average for having no start-up, and having a nice bounding leap for scaling over things.

Bowser (B Tier)

Though the king may have the most flamboyant look, his skills are really just flamboyantly average. Though he carries the second highest driving range in the game, his specials are nothing to write home to his minions about. A slightly above normal leaping dash with some start-up pause, and a very normal special shot that merely blasts on impact are all our buff Koopa really bring to this game.

Donkey Kong (B Tier)

The king of swing isn’t much better. In fact he’s actually a tad worse, sharing identical stats to Bowser, but with three yards less distance. And because his specials are also pretty much the same, it’s pretty obvious he’s lower on the list.

Chargin Chuck (B Tier)

What happens when you get a football player to try golf? Pretty much what you’d expect. An average joe with some decent power, that falls below the other heavies because of less driving distance, and a bit less stamina as well. His dash is pretty much comparable to Bowser and DK, but his special shot is at least different, being pretty much the same plowing shot as Daisy’s.

Toad (B Tier)

The weakest character in the game in terms of distance, our little fungus makes it up in speed and outstanding shot control. His dash is also exceptional, being very nimble, quick, and vaulting over obstacles; probably the fastest dash in the game. His impact blast special shot is simply par average.

King Bob-omb (B Tier)

As an old timer from the old days, this ancient king barely gets himself from getting thrown off B Tier Battlefield even though he’s the absolute slowest character. He has the absolute highest driving range, and some pretty explosive specials. His dash is above average, with no start-up, great distance, and it leaves behind Bob-ombs that explode in a second or two. Easily one of the most offensive dashes in the game. His special shot is no dud either, not just blasting a certain area, but sending a field of Bob-ombs around it, that can be set off when other players or their balls go in their area.

Pauline (B Tier)

It’s no wonder that Peach almost completely replaced her, as the mayor of New Donk City just squeezes a little above her in golf play. Just having two more chunks of stamina than her, and just one extra yard in distance. What keeps her from being lowest tier however, is that her special shot gives her a special temporary dash like Mario’s does. Bonus points for singing “Jump Up, Super Star!” while doing it.

Waluigi (C Tier)

Though he’s S Tier in a lot of our hearts, and definitely in stylish outfit choices, Waluigi can’t really cheat his way into anything higher. His dash move has a bit of start-up and cool down, his driving range is average, and his special shot is basically another of the plowing type.

Peach (C Tier)

Sorry Princess. You get the lowest of the wedges here. Though speed and control is exceptional, nothing else quite stands out. Her dash has a bit of start-up, and her special shot is the same as Waluigi’s. At the very least, she’s an great character for beginners, since her control is so high, and her distance so low.

Regardless of the character you need to enjoy the game!

Don’t forget that the most important part of picking the character that works the best, is picking the one that’s best for you. You can pick the best character and still not be as good at the game itself. Or, you can just pick whatever character you find is your favorite, skills, personality or otherwise. Just make the choice that you’re happiest with!

Mario Golf: Super Rush is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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