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Mario Golf Super Rush – How To Save

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One of the selling points for the Mario Golf franchise over the years has been a single player experience with RPG elements. Mario Golf Super Rush has made a point to have a mode just like this, now known as Golf Adventure, where you take your Mii and level them up to continually upgrade them. As a result, having a save feature in this mode is very important and this guide will breakdown how that is done in Mario Golf Super Rush.

How To Save

Saving in Mario Golf Super Rush can be a little bit confusing. While the modes like Play Golf and such don’t really need save features, the Golf Adventure mode does, as that’s the single player experience in the game for you to play through. However, the saving is not so obvious here while playing, while also being a bit confusing.

Golf Adventure is setup where you play as your Mii and compete in different competitions across the different courses in the game. It’s not just going straight from one competition to another though, as there’s little areas to explore as you control your Mii in a 3D plane. While there isn’t much you can do here, there are still some things that you can do that you wouldn’t want to lose progress of though.

You might would think there would be some sort of manual save system in Mario Golf Super Rush, but that is not the case. Instead, the game utilizes an auto-save system, but the exact manner of how it’s used can be a bit weird. From what we can tell, the game saves after most of the situations where you talk to someone to where something in the story would be pushed forward. This can be the beginning of an area where you may speak to a Toad or in-between different versions of competition in a certain area.

If you were to get an introduction to an area and then do nothing and turn the game off, the next time you turn it back on and go Golf Adventure, you will have to go through that cutscene again. This happened specifically when entering the Rockridge Lake area for the first time with the cutscene involving Charging Chuck. An oddity here is that if you go to a shop and buy something and then exit out of the mode and go back in, you’ll get the same introductory cutscene in that case. However, while you get the cutscene again, the shop purchase will not have reset and will already be in your inventory of items.

This is where the auto-save feature gets a little weird, so you may just have to play around with it and be careful when exiting out. Just know that pretty much every conversation pushing the story forward or completing a round of golf will do some sort of auto-save, so you are fine to exit out at that point.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides as well if you need additional help with the game.

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