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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Guide: How to Find the Paper Toads

by Kyle Hanson


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam has a lot of interesting and varied quests throughout its long run time. However, one mission gets repeated over and over again, causing a bit of frustration and anxiety. The quest to find all of the Paper Toads can be quite troublesome, as you run back and forth, searching frantically to no avail. While we can’t go into every single one of these, there are simply too many, we can help out with the very first one, and give some tips for finding the others later in the game.

Starting off Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam you’ll almost immediately be asked to find some lost Paper Toads outside of Peach’s Castle. There are eight in total, but a few are bunched up making it a bit easier. Here’s the general location of each of these, so just check these spots and you should finish this up in no time.

The first one is hidden on the top left balcony, behind Paper Princess Peach. Just chat with her and he should show himself. Next, head back downstairs and to your left. On top of the ? Block you will see one hanging out, just hit the block to make him come down. Right behind these ? Blocks you’ll see a regular Toad pacing around. His “shadow” is another Paper Toad hiding out, walk up to it and hit A to activate him.

Heading to the right side you should immediately see one hiding behind the nearby pillar. After that you’ll want to hit the block in front of this. Hitting it multiple times with Mario and Luigi will reveal three hidden Paper Toads. Move toward the front and a bit more to the right and you’ll find the last Paper Toad hiding inside of a pillar.

That’s it for this first quest, but there will be many more like it later on in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Just some general tips: always be mindful of your surroundings as the Paper Toads can hide almost anywhere, revisit every location if you have trouble, be sure to check around other characters, check the floors and walls as well, if all else fails take a break and come back with fresh eyes later.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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