Mario Party Superstars: How Many Players Can Play Online?

Get as many friends involved and know how many people can play at once.

by Elliott Gatica
Mario Party Superstar Minigames

Mario Party Superstars is just like other Mario Party games. They are best enjoyed while playing with others. CPUs are serviceable, but personality and interactions really go a long way. Besides, this is basically the video game equivalent of a board game. Playing a board game by yourself isn’t really exciting. Fortunately in Mario Party Superstars, you can totally play with friends, including online. Here’s how many and how you can do that.

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How many players can play online in Mario Party Superstars?

You can have a session that supports up to four players online. In every Mario Party game prior to this, you can only have up to four players (excluding Mario Party 10’s Bowser Mode).

When you pick the Global Game option in the Online modes, you will be paired up with three other randoms also playing online. Everyone online will have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and of course, a copy of the game.

However, if you pick the Friend Game option, not every player has to play on their own respective console. Unlike many other games on the Switch, Mario Party Superstars allows for guests to take up vacant slots. For example, if you have a party of three, a player on one of those systems can hand a spare controller to someone in the same room to join in as a guest. You can also have a party of three on one console go against someone playing by themselves on another console via the internet.


The guest player does not need a Nintendo account nor do they need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. They’ll simply be filled in as a guest. Since the game doesn’t make use of the split screen function like other multiplayer games, there are no real hardware constraints in allowing it.

The only disadvantages here are that in the online sessions, you can still see the local player’s moves and thought processes in the game. You’ll be able to see what number they choose for a Custom Dice Block or who they’ll want to call Boo on to steal coins and stars from.

Mario Party Superstars is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. To check out additional content about the game, click here.

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