Mario Party Superstars: How to Level Up Quick

Hit profile level 50 by using this method.

by Elliott Gatica


While Mario Party Superstars gives the players mostly everything from the start, the majority of anything else to unlock comes in the form of music, card designs, and stickers. Most of these are unlocked by buying them with coins, the currency earned from playing any part of the game.

However, players have a level tied to their profiles. This leveling system is tied to a series of additional unlocks after playing different parts of the game.

How to level up quick in Mario Party Superstars

There are a total of 50 levels to unlock in the game. It isn’t a grueling process to get there, though there is something unique to find out once you hit 50.

If you’re a completionist and like to hit max level in games, you can do so in playing the Tag Match mode via Mt. Minigames. Set the session to a first-to-three ruleset. Of course, this will limit you to just the 2-on-2 minigames, so it might burn you out after a while.


If you play this offline, you should net somewhere around 530 experience points per session of just alternating minigames. It’ll provide a significant boost to your overall profile experience and coin count.

Of course, if you don’t want to burn out on playing a select handful of minigames, you can always just play the game as it was intended to be played. The board games while played online or offline will provide a big boost to your overall XP if you complete them. At least in the earlier profile levels, you’ll earn multiple upon completing them. Of course, the more turns and minigames played, and coins earned, you’ll earn more XP.

Every increment of five levels will earn you new things to buy at Toad’s Shop. Most of these unlocks will be cosmetics and music. At level 50, you will earn the credits, so that’s neat if you’re into that.

Mario Party Superstars is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. To check out additional guides and information on the game, click here.

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