Mario Party Superstars: How to Rejoin Online Lobby

Superstars has a reliable way of rejoining games you disconnected from.

by Elliott Gatica


Mario Party Superstars has an online multiplayer aspect. With it, players are susceptible to things that can disrupt their sessions like power outages or laggy internet problems. The question is, with a game like Superstars, is there a safety net or some kind of feature that if this happens, players can reconnect or salvage their progress? Can players rejoin a lobby after disconnecting?

How to rejoin a game in Mario Party Superstars

If you happen to disconnect from an ongoing game session for any reason, the game will allow you to do so. In fact, Superstars almost encourages you to finish what you started.

You’ll get a notification asking you if you want to rejoin the game you were playing before. The game gives you the option of yes or no. As of right now, there aren’t any penalties if you say no.

Once you confirm to rejoin a game session, you’ll be thrown in somewhat right back where you last left off. The game will still continue despite you leaving. You’ll be replaced by a CPU in the meantime. Depending on the host’s connection and your connection, it may take a minute before you’re reconnected. Note that if connections are not fast, reliable, and secure, it’ll take an uncomfortably long time to reconnect.


Should your game force close or crash under any rare circumstance, you will still be able to rejoin an unfinished session upon rebooting the game. You’ll be prompted the same message as you’d be given if you lagged out from a faulty connection.

Mario Party Superstars’ online seems to have a peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure. The game will perform just fine, but if someone is somewhat laggy or a majority of the players are playing wireless, there may be noticeable frame drops and even possible button press delays.

It’s always recommended, especially as a Nintendo Switch player, to play your games online with a wired connection. If not, at least have a reliable, somewhat stable connection to your router, and be in close proximity to your networking device.

Mario Party Superstars is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. To check out additional content for the game, click here.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2021

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