Marvel’s Iron Man VR – How To Set A New Pull-Ups Record

Time to buff yourself up.

by Dean James
Marvel's Iron Man VR

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has arrived and is much more than just a tech demo for you to use on your PlayStation VR. Instead, the game is a full game that includes letting you not only be Iron Man, but also Tony Stark out of the suit at times as well. There’s not a ton to do outside of the missions besides prep for what’s to come, but there are a few little mini-games that you may not use to the full extent. One of these is the pull-up bar that becomes available and even allows you to get a trophy in the game known as Iron Grip and this guide will explain how you can do this.

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How To Set A New Pull-Ups Record

This trophy is definitely a case of one you might not have actually gotten outright without looking at the actual trophy list to see what you have to do to unlock some of the trophies in the game. One of the Bronze trophies in the game is known as Iron Grip, which requires you to “set a new pull-ups record.”

This is not something you can do right away in the game, as you will not have access to the pull-up bar right out of the gate. Instead, you have to wait a bit until you end up going into the area above the garage to answer the phone, which ends up being Pepper calling.

After you get off the phone, you will notice multiple new options for areas you can go to up in this kitchen/gym area. For this trophy, we are going to want to head straight over to the pull-ups bar to start.

Once you are at the pull-ups bar, you can interact with it just like you would assume by lifting your hands and grabbing onto the bar with the back trigger. After you have grabbed it with both hands, start pulling up like you would if you were actually doing a pull-up. Keep doing this multiple times and before long you will unlock the Iron Grip trophy.