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Mass Effect 2 Loyalty Guide (Legendary Edition) – How to Gain Everyone’s Loyalty

Gain and keep all crew member loyalty in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

by Kyle Hanson


Playing through Mass Effect 2 as part of the new Legendary Edition release might remind you just how important loyalty is throughout the game. As Shepard puts his/her crew together they don’t immediately gel as a team. You have to earn their trust in order to get more info and upgrades out of them. But most important is having their loyalty when heading into the final mission of the game. To help you make sure you have them all here’s our Mass Effect 2 loyalty guide for ME Legendary Edition.

How to Gain Everyone’s Loyalty in Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition)

In Mass Effect 2 you earn your team members’ loyalty by completing their specific set of loyalty missions. These are unlocked after you’ve spoken with them a few times in between preceding missions and reach a certain point in the game. However, with Mass Effect Legendary Edition you will have two loyalty missions unlocked as soon as you recruit the team members. These are Kasumi and Zaeed, which were released as DLC characters in the original game. However, we recommend saving these until you’re a higher level and have more teammates to bring along with you on the mission.

With that in mind the best way to earn loyalty is to recruit your crew as quickly as you can, then make sure you speak with all of them whenever you finish a mission. Just make it a routine to check in with all of your crew in between objectives, and try to dive into any personal questions that arise. Once you complete the Horizon stage you can begin doing the loyalty missions for the original 10 crew members, and this is when we would also recommend completing the Kasumi and Zaeed missions as well, just to be safe.

When a crew member is ready to divulge their personal backstory and offer you their loyalty mission you will be told that they want to speak with you when walking near Kelly Chambers. For most of your crew all you need to do is complete that mission and they will become loyal. However, some have special conditions or offer choices that can prevent them from becoming loyal.

We’ve broken down each crew member below in terms of how to gain their loyalty and provided notes for things to watch out for. Listed with the crew member’s name is the mission title of their loyalty quest. If nothing else is mentioned then simply complete it to gain their loyalty.

  • Kasumi – Stolen Memory
  • Zaeed – The Price of Revenge
    • If you choose to save the workers you must have a high Paragon level and choose the Charm dialogue option
    • If given the option, do not leave Zaeed to die under the metal beam
  • Jacob – The Gift Of Greatness
  • Miranda – The Prodigal
    • When Miranda and Jack are fighting be sure to choose Charm or Intimidate options
  • Jack – Subject Zero
    • When Miranda and Jack are fighting be sure to choose Charm or Intimidate options
  • Mordin – Old Blood
  • Grunt – Rite Of Passage
  • Garrus – Eye for an Eye
  • Samara – The Ardat-Yakshi
    • Keep Morinth’s attention at the private table and in her apartment
    • Avoid talking about justicars or family
    • Use Paragon or Renegade options if available
  • Tali – Treason
    • Do not provide evidence of Tali’s father’s guilt
    • Be impartial during her conflict with Legion or you will lose one of their loyalty
    • Tali’s can be regained later on through dialogue, so if this happens just keep speaking with her between missions
  • Thane – Sins of the Father
    • Keep Thane updated while following Joram Talid
  • Legion – A House Divided
    • Stay impartial during Legion and Tali’s confrontation

And that’s how to gain everyone’s loyalty in Mass Effect 2 as part of the Legendary Collection. Completing these quests and making sure to avoid the things that will cause you to lose loyalty will both grant you that character’s loyalty power and make it easier for them to survive the Suicide Mission at the end.

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