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Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide – How to Romance your Crew or Anyone

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since the very first game in the series, romancing other characters has been an important part of Mass Effect. Whether you’re falling in love with a beautiful/handsome alien, or simply bedding some random member of the crew, love is always in the air. It’s no different in Mass Effect: Andromeda, in fact it’s a bit more important and is featured throughout the game in a number of ways. There are tons of different romance options, and thankfully there’s a pretty standard way to get them to hook up with you. So, here’s a simple guide on how to romance your crew or anyone in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

I say “anyone”, but there are specific characters you can romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, the list is extensive, and there’s no way that I’ve seen them all. So, instead of listing them all out specifically, I want to give more general tips on how to romance characters in the game. It’s largely the same, no matter who you’re trying to woo, so here we go. However, since she’s likely to be one of the most popular romance options, we did do a separate guide on how to romance Peebee.

The key is to talk to anyone and everyone. The more you talk to them, the higher the chances that you’ll be given the option to romance them. You’ll know when you have the chance when a dialogue option appears on the left of your conversation wheel. Highlighting it will present a heart symbol in the middle, indicating that this is a romance option.

Few characters will hop into bed with you after just one conversation, but it starts the conversation. One thing to keep in mind is that Mass Effect: Andromeda also has a lot of romance options that don’t want to be exclusive, so you can romance them and then switch to a different character later, if you want a more exclusive relationship in the game.

Mess around with the system, making sure to romance any and all characters that you have interest in in Mass Effect: Andromeda. You don’t want to shut the door early and regret it later. You’ll reach a specific point with each character, usually after completing their Loyalty Quest, if they’re a member of your crew, where you have to make a final choice. It’s quite obvious when this happens, so just watch for it and decide then if you want to proceed with that character, or hold off for more choices later.

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