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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How Long to Beat Each Title

You are in for a good amount of playtime


If you wanted to know how long it takes to beat the whole Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you are in the correct place. This massive collection of three extremely popular titles, completely revamped some of the series aspects, providing a refreshing experience to the years old trilogy. Not only each game had a considerable amount of content included by default, but the numerous DLC released down the line further expanded your playtime for quite a lot, with lots of new scenarios, areas to explore and characters to interact with.

The Legendary Edition includes almost all of the DLC released prior to all three games, so if you want to experience all of the single-player events in every game, outside of the main storyline, expect some hundreds of hours to be invested in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Let’s take a look at some details, below.

How long to beat every game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Oddly enough, all three games of Mass Effect Legendary Edition require pretty much the same time of hours in order to complete them, DLC and side content included. Additionally, these stats are based through thousands reports of players who registered their playthroughs in online forums and websites, and of course our personal experience as well.

Mass Effect 1

The first game of the series is the shortest of the three in regards to its base single-player campaign, sitting at around 18 hours to complete. If you want to clear every side mission and DLC content as well, you are looking at around 30 hours of game time, and for any Achievement hunters out there, you may reach the 45 hour mark easily.

Mass Effect 2

While Mass Effect 2 has a longer story, resulting to more hours put for the campaign itself, the DLC and side content in general for this game are far shorter. That said, expect to spend around 25 hours to complete the main game, 36 hours or so for all the side content and a little bit more than 50 hours if you are trying to go for 100% completion, Achievements and Trophies included.

Mass Effect 3

This is extremely odd, and weirdly satisfying as well, but the third and final game of the original trilogy requires almost the exact same amount of playtime as Mass Effect 2. Its base story has approximately 25 hours of content, every side mission and DLC expansions can be completed into the 35 hour mark, and perfectionists will need 50 hours for everything.

If we add up all three titles in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, just the main story will need you to spend around 65-70 hours to complete. This alone justifies the price of the bundle, but if you consider that you can spend hundreds of hours to do every DLC and acquire every Trophy and Achievement in the game, I’d say the price tag is more than worth it. And we are not talking about some rushed DLC or just cash-grabs to extend the game’s life. The Mass Effect series is known for having great branching stories through their added content, and some of the characters included in these are of the most memorable of the franchise. Not to mention how better Mass Effect 3 looks when you add the DLC to its sub-par story, bringing us finally the conclusion we always wanted for this part of the franchise, with Andromeda sitting on the side lines.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at our list right here.


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