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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How To Romance Ashley

One of three options in the first game.

by Dean James


Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the new release of the classic Mass Effect trilogy of games, giving players a chance to relive them or try them out for the first time. One of the biggest aspects of these games were the relationships you could form with other characters. The first Mass Effect was limited to only three characters total, with each version of Shepard only having two choices. One of the Male Shepard exclusive options is Ashley Williams and this guide will tell you how you can make the right decisions to romance her in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Romance Ashley

For the purposes of this guide, we will only be covering how to romance Ashley in the first Mass Effect rather than also discussing Mass Effect 3 where she is a party member again. In general, you will want to be picking Paragon conversation options when involving the character you are trying to romance, in this case Ashley.

As Male Shepard, the first moment of importance comes after the Prothean Beacon incident on Eden Prime. When you wake up, you will have Ashley by your side. You want to pick options that are friendly to them and make them not feel bad for what happened here.

The next opportunity comes after you finish your first mission on either Therum, Noveria, or Feros. After this mission, you can talk to Ashley about the previous mission, which is where you will start to bond more. This is something you’re going to want to continue to do after each subsequent world as well.

Liara will eventually will ask you if you’re attracted to her, in which you want to say no. Doing this will help not cause issues with Ashley, as it will put her on track as your single love interest in the first game as a result. Picking yes and trying to have a relationship with both can blow up in your face, as they will confront you again a bit later after your next mission. If you choose Ashley, everything will be fine. If you choose both here, you still have a chance with Liara, but you’ve completely ended any chance with Ashley for the rest of the game, so definitely don’t do that.

Another major moment comes later in the game where you will be asked to save either Ashley or Kaiden. You obviously have to choose Ashley here, as otherwise she won’t be around for you to romance any longer. Also, this isn’t the part about which team to place her on, but rather the actual saving part.

The next moment comes after completing the four main worlds in the game and directly after Shepard gets into an argument at the Citadel. Ashley will comfort him here, so continue to pick Paragon options and you will essentially have done everything to be able to have a relationship with Ashley here.

As long as you didn’t ruin things in the previous moment with Renegade options, Ashley will visit your personal quarters while you are on the way to Ilos. This can end one of two ways depending on your responses. If you give Paragon responses here, you will end up sealing the deal with a romantic cutscene and gets you the Paramour I Achievement. If you go with Renegade options here instead, Ashley will end up leaving the room, but you will technically be in a relationship still that carries forward, which also unlocks the Paramour I Achievement.

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