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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Romance Miranda

One of the fan-favorites in the Mass Effect community


If you want to know if you can romance Miranda and how in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, we are glad to inform you that you can and that we have every step needed in this guide. Miranda Lawson is a fan-favorite among Mass Effect fans, hence why she is one of the popular characters to romance with. As with a lot of other characters, in order to start this process with her, you first need to complete her Loyalty mission, Miranda: The Prodigal. After you do, the option becomes available and you need to do everything mentioned below.

How to romance Miranda in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

First things first, you need speak with her after every mission you complete, in order to increase your bond with her. There will be different dialogue options every time, but the one that will initiate the romance route will be the “Can we talk” option. Select this to follow a series of conversations with her that will end up to romantic interactions. Do this every time and as long as you keep selecting the obvious choices, Miranda’s affection will increase.

If by any chance you have been ‘friendly’ to the other two female options, Tali and Jack, there will be a point that you will need to choose who you want to be with. If it’s Miranda (which is why you are here I guess), you need to choose the “I want you alone” line as you are talking to her. The other two options are for permanently leaving her and for having more time to think about it, if you want to answer a little later. In any case though, your decision should be made at that exact stage, otherwise you will lose any chance with Miranda.

If everything went well from that point onward, Miranda will kind of officially be your other half. However, there is one more detail you need to watch out for, mentioned below.

How to keep Miranda safe from the Suicide Mission and keep the romance going

–  Please note that there will be some spoilers ahead

In order for your side adventure with Miranda to keep going strong, you need to keep her alive during the final mission of Mass Effect 2. To do so, it’s simple. When time comes and you need to appoint roles for the whole squad, just keep her in the backline and don’t assign her to any leading roles during the confrontation. While this doesn’t seem logical considering her abilities and experience, it’s the only way for Miranda to survive this last encounter. If you do and you keep her safe, then you will be able to keep your romance with her alive, even in Mass Effect 3. Things though get a little more complicated in that title, due to certain story events, but the bond between her and Shepard will always be something very real.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at our list right here.


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