Metal Gear Solid V: FOB Guide & Tips For Online Invasions

by AOTF Staff

Metal Gear Solid V’s major online component might not have arrived at launch, but the FOB feature has for those who are playing on platforms where servers are available.  The FOBs are extensions of Big Boss’s Mother Base platform, these extensions can be raided by other players in the Metal Gear universe and is functioning as the core player vs. player mode in the game at the moment.

Players will need to have progressed quite far in Metal Gear Solid 5 just to have the opportunity to construct FOBs.  Once players hit level 22, the first FOB is given to players for free. Once you’ve got an FOB operational it will open to attacks from other players, who can steal equipment, injure staff, or steal resources from you.  If you’re online, you’ll be given the opportunity to defend it and track down any intruders in your base.

This FOB PvP is intresting for a number of reasons.  Like the Souls series’ player invasions, this pvp element in Metal Gear Solid 5 keeps players connected to the world, and offers a change of pace to the story.  It’s an unconventional multiplayer mode, the likes of which we’ve only seen in a handful of games.  For that reason, not all of the rules are going to make sense at first, so here are some tips for FOB invasions in Metal Gear Solid 5.

Metal Gear Solid V: FOB Tips

Tip #1 FOB Blockades and Blockade Lifting Conditions 

If you are infiltrated by another user, your FOB will be blockaded to prevent further intrusions for 6-24 hours, depending on the damage suffered.  Be aware that the blockade will be lifted after its time has expired, or if you conduct an infiltration of your own against another users.

Tip #2 Staff Deaths and Casualties on your FOBs

Even if your security guards are killed by a rival user infiltrating your FOB, some of those staff will be classed as “injured” and sent to sickbay.  Increase the level of your Medical Team to make your staff recover and return to duty faster.

Tip #3 Intruders in FOB Missions

Users highlighted in gray on the intruders tab in FOB Missions are those whose base a retaliatory wormhole did not open; either they dealt very little damage to you, or they retreated or infiltrated to your platform core without being spotted.

Tip #4 How to Prevent Certain Staff from being Abducted from your FOB

Place your favorite staff members under a “Direct Contract” (in the STAFF MANAGEMENT menu) and you’ll never have to worry about losing them again.  However, they will be excluded from “FOB Defense” deployments if in the Security Team, and from being dispatched via COMBAT DEPLOYMENT if in the Combat Unit.  Additionally, the maximum number of staff you can keep under direct contract is determined as a fixed percentage of your total staff count.

Tip #5 How to Figure Out Invader Location During an FOB Battle

When battling an invader in FOB, even if your opponent has not been spotted, you can open up the iDroid to view their predicted field of movement, represented by a red circle.  Increase your Intel Team’s level for more frequent and accurate updates.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017