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Metro Exodus: How to Clean Your Weapons

To stay alive, you need clean weapons

by Kyle Hanson


Wandering the irradiated wasteland of post-apocalyptic Russia can be a pretty dirty affair. There’s mud, blood, guts, and all sorts of things that get onto and into your weaponry, making them far less effective. If you want to stay deadly and effective then you need to keep them clean, but it’s not quite clear how to do that. Here’s how to clean your weapons in Metro Exodus.

While your trusty backpack can do a lot of things necessary for wasteland survival, it’s not the best at cleaning things. Yes, while out and about exploring the irradiated landscape you cannot clean your weapons. Once you find a safe house or make it back to the Aurora though, you can get to work. Any workbench can clean your weapons, so watch for them as your make your way through the campaign’s many levels. Once you find one, here’s how to clean your weapons.

Just open the workbench menu, go to the weapon section at the top, and select whichever weapon or item it is you want to clean. A meter at the top of your customization options on the left of the screen will show how dirty it is (as if the caked on mud wasn’t enough of a hint). To clean it up you need chemicals, but it doesn’t take much. Just hold X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, and F on PC to start cleaning. It will either stop when you clean it completely or run out of the necessary crafting material.

And that’s how to clean your weapons in Metro Exodus.

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