Metro Exodus: How to Get More Medkits

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Metro Exodus is far from an easy game. In fact, depending on what difficulty you play on, it can be downright punishing with its difficulty. Part of this is how much damage you take every time an enemy gets a lucky shot in on you. You’ll get hurt, and you’ll get hurt a lot. Thankfully there’s a quick and easy remedy to this in the medkit. You can find these all around the world, but there’s easier ways to add them to your inventory. Here’s how to get more medkits in Metro Exodus.

As I said, you can just explore the world and find medkits scattered about. You will in fact find a whole lot of them this way, but not enough to get through to the end, if you aren’t the best at sneaking around in the dark. So what do you do if you need a medkit and there isn’t one nearby? Craft one of course.

Yes, crafting has made its way to the Metro series and it’s actually pretty great. With just two types of crafting items, you can craft almost anything in the game. Medkits, for example, takes 2 “material” (gear symbol) and 20 “chemicals” (chemical flask). If you have enough of these you can create your own medkit using either your backpack or a workbench. To see how, just click those links and it’ll walk your right through the process.

And that’s how to get more medkits in Metro Exodus.

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