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Metro Exodus: How to Save

Don't die without a proper save on file.

by Kyle Hanson


If you play Metro Exodus the right way, you’ll still die a whole lot. And with a game this big and expansive, especially in comparison to the tight corridors of the first two titles, you don’t want to lose even a minute of progress. Thankfully, you can save your game beyond the standard auto-save feature. And while it’s not the most robust save system, it’ll definitely help your survive the irradiated wasteland of post-nuclear Russia. Here’s how to save in Metro Exodus.

As I said, the system isn’t the most robust, with no options for multiple save files to create and choose from. Instead there is the default auto-save which happens without any input from the player. Then there is the Quick Save, which can be triggered through the in-game menu. Just hit Options on PS4, Menu on Xbox One, or Escape on PC to pull up the menu and Quick Save will be right there at the top.

If it says you cannot save then you’re either in combat, about to be in combat, or something else is going on, such as a cutscene. Just give it some time and check again and it should be available. Once you hit Quick Save your game will immediately be saved to memory and you can load it up whenever you want. Either Continue from the main menu to get back to it, or choose to load it from the in-game menu if something else happened that makes you want to go back.

And that’s how to save in Metro Exodus.

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