Metroid Dread: How to Open Green Dot Doors

Green dot doors will act as a minor puzzle for the rest of Metroid Dread

by Joshua Raymer


Soon after receiving the Storm Missile in Metroid Dread, you’ll be tasked with opening a series of green dot doors to progress. These doors will get slightly more complex to open as the game goes on, but the basic premise is the same among all of them.

How to Open Green Dot Doors in Metroid Dread

First, open free aim by pressing the left shoulder trigger, then press and hold the right shoulder trigger to prime your Storm Missiles. Scan your laser over the five points of contact, and then press the Y button to launch them all off.


Once all the missiles have been fired, which should set you back about 20 short, the green dot door or block will disappear and the lights seen earlier will turn red. When this happens, the puzzle will be permanently “completed”, so you’ll never have to complete the same station more than once.


If you need practice with the Storm Missiles, these large crab-like enemies are good targets. Hold down the right trigger button, then slide under them when they go to crush you. This fight will also give you a good sense of timing for how long your Storm Missiles will stay locked on. Remember, you don’t have to face the target to keep the locked-on symbol, simply having targeted them in the past few moments is enough. Samus’ missiles will turn 180 degrees if need be.

To summarize:

  • Hold the right shoulder trigger to activate your Storm Missiles
  • If need be, use the left shoulder trigger to use free aim in order to lock onto all targets
  • While facing any direction, press Y to use the Storm Missile and hit all targets at once

This covers everything you need to open Metroid Dread’s green dot doors. While some doors are different from others, all rely on the same premise, usually just with different timing. If you want any tips on any other areas of the game, you can find other Metroid Dread guides by clicking here.

Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through your Switch’s eShop.

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