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Minecraft: How to Find an End Portal

Here's how to get to the game's final dimension

by Luna Wilkes


Minecraft’s endgame takes place in the appropriately titled dimension called The End, so we’ll be looking at how to find an End Portal. Something to note though, in Survival Mode End Portals cannot be created in any way whatsoever and must be found. However, we will go over how to make one at the end for those of you playing in Creative Mode

How to Find an End Portal

End Portals generate in a deactivated form in underground structures called Strongholds. While it’s possible to run into strongholds purely by random chance, there’s a much more reliable way to find them. And that is through the use of Eyes of Ender. Eyes of Ender can be crafted with one ender pearl and one piece of blaze powder. Ender pearls are dropped by Endermen, and blaze powder is crafted out of blaze rods dropped by Blazes in Nether Fortresses. You’ll need at least a few of these to both find and activate the portal, so make around 15 – 20 just to be safe.

Once you have them, walk out to an open area and right-click with one of the eyes to throw it. It will float into the air and begin to drift off in the direction of the closest stronghold. Afterward, the eye will drop back to the ground and can be picked up again, though there is a small chance for it to be instantly destroyed instead, that’s why the extras are important. So follow the eyes until they stop going up into the air and start flying underground instead. When this happens that means you have found out where a stronghold is buried. Carefully dig down and you’ll find yourself within the stone walls of the structure. Explore around a bit, because somewhere in here is where you will find an End Portal frame. Once you have found it, take your eyes of ender and slot them into the empty frames to activate. And then once you’re ready for the fight beyond the portal, go ahead and jump in. But beware, once you have entered The End, there will be no exit portal until you have beaten the dragon that resides there.

Making a Portal in Creative Mode

For you Creative Mode players out there, making a portal for your own builds is nice and simple and requires no long quests across the world and through alternate dimensions. All you need to do is grab the End Portal Frame out of the creative inventory and place it down like the pattern seen in the picture above. However, all of the blocks must be facing inward for this to work, which can be accomplished by standing in the middle of the spot you want to put the portal and placing the blocks around yourself. Then you just need to pop in all twelve Eyes of Ender and the portal will light up. You don’t even need the frames anymore at this point and can even break them, the portal blocks will remain right there.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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