Minecraft: How to Get Honeycomb and What It’s Used For

The sweetest item right after cake.

by J.T. Isenhour
A bee Hive in Minecraft

The bee update for Minecraft was quite the buzz throughout the community. A new mob being added to Minecraft is always a big deal, but all the new mechanics that came alongside them was something that everyone wanted to make use of. The beehives and all the honeycombs they make were quite the big deal for Minecraft and are still having an impact on new mechanics added in future updates. Of course, you can’t make use of honeycombs if you don’t know how to get them and what you can use them for, let’s go over what honeycombs are good for.

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How to Get Honeycombs in Minecraft

It may seem simple to get honeycombs in Minecraft, all you have to do is break the beehives is what you may think. However, you will be disappointed if you do it that way since all you will get is angry bees and nothing else and angry bees are worse than angry frogs. In order to properly harvest honeycombs from a beehive, you will need some shears. If you don’t want to deal with angry bees after you harvest the honeycomb you will also need a campfire as well.


Simply place the campfire underneath the beehive and light it. The smoke will act as a real-life smoker to sedate the bees and allow you to harvest the beehive without angering the bees inside. All you have left to do is simply use the shears on the beehive to harvest the honeycomb out of it. You can also use a dispenser next to the beehive with shears in it to harvest the Honeycomb. If you use this method you don’t have to worry about the campfire since the dispenser is the one that would anger the bees.


Once you have the honeycomb you can use it in a plethora of crafting recipes. You can surround a line of honeycomb with wood to make a beehive of your own. You can combine one with some string to make a candle. You can also use honey on copper blocks to wax them and prevent them from oxidizing any further. You can do this on a crafting table or you can simply hold the honey in your hand and use it on the already placed copper block.

Finally, you can craft four honeycombs into a honeycomb block, which can be placed under note blocks to turn the sound they produce into flute sounds. It will be the same note already selected on the block just played through a flute instead. If you need any more help with Minecraft make sure to check out our other guides.

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