Minecraft: How to Make a Spyglass

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It’s easy to understand the functionality of a Spyglass in Minecraft. You can use it to look things that are far away from you, offering various utility options and in general, it is a handy and easy-to-use item at your disposal. With the new Caves and Cliffs: Part 1 update kicking in, it is a great time to increase the amount of tools you have, so to help yourself tackle any dangers that lie ahead, as you adventure through the new content. For more about the Spyglass and how to create one, take a look below.

How to make a Spyglass in Minecraft

You need to gather two types of materials in order to create a Spyglass. Two Copper Ingots and a single Amethyst Shard. Copper Ingots are easy to collect and you may already have a couple of them in your storage. You need to find Copper Ores first, and then throw them into a furnace to smelt them into the ingots you need. Two of them are all that’s needed, so you don’t have a lot of farming to do. The Amethyst Shard on the other hand, may be a little tricky to get. You obtain this specific item from Geodes that are found underground in the Overworld, and they can easily be seen as they have a bright purple color. Caves usually house such Geodes, so it’s best to look for them directly. Grab your strongest Pickaxe and start mining those nodes.


With everything ready, it is time to craft the Spyglass. You need to visit your crafting table and open the 3×3 crafting grid. Then, put all three materials as they are shown above. The placement needs to be exactly as in the picture above, in order to get the recipe for the Spyglass.

  • First row (Amethyst Shard): Second Box
  • Second Row (Copper Ingot): Second Box
  • Third Row (Copper Ingot): Second Box

After you insert everything, click confirm and your Spyglass will be ready. Minecraft has a ton of other materials you can gather in order to create brand new items, so the Spyglass can help you with exactly that, pinpointing from a distance anything that may look interesting or suspicious.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more related content, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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