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Minecraft: How to Make Candles

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Many new forms of lighting were added in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, and out of those new lights, we’ll be looking at how to make candles. Candles are a new type of lighting that can be made in a variety of different colors and have a few properties that make them even more unique compared to other kinds of lighting blocks.

How to Make Candles

Candles have a really simple recipe to follow, getting your hands on the ingredients themselves may prove a bit tricky, however. The basic recipe for them is one piece of string over one honeycomb to get one single candle. The colored variations are made by taking a candle and crafting it with a dye color of your choice. You can get the string either by hunting spiders or by breaking spider webs, so if you find a spider spawner somewhere be sure to make good use of it for this. Honeycombs on the other hand can only be obtained by shearing completely full beehives or bee nests, be careful of the bees that will start attacking you afterward though.

A Unique Lighting Fixture

Much like with sea pickles, multiple candles can be placed onto the same block until there are four of them in the bunch. Doing this will change the way they look as well as increase how much lighting they give off. They also do not start out lit up and must be lit using either a flint and steel or some other fire-based item. You can then put them out afterward either by right-clicking on them or flooding them with water. And despite needing to be initially placed on top of a block, candles are fully capable of floating on their own and all you need to do is break the block they were placed on top of after you’ve set them down.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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