Minecraft – Where to Get Crying Obsidian

This new material will allow you to build anchor spawn points.

by Daniel Chae

Crying Obsidian is one of the new materials introduced with Minecraft’s Nether update that will be used to create a new block called the Respawn Anchor.  The Respawn Anchor will be a very useful block as it acts as a spawn point in the Nether area.  To make the anchor you will need Crying Obsidian and this guide will show you how to get it.

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Ways to get Crying Obsidian

  1. Trade gold ingots to Piglins
  2. Find Crying Obsidian in Chest (Bastion Remnants)
  3. Find Crying Obsidian at Ruined Nether Portal

Trading with Piglins might seem like the most reliable way to get the Crying Obsidian and it will depend on some RNG when it comes to how much, if any you can get in a trade.  You have a chance to get between one and three pieces of Crying Obsidian.  However, there is only a 10% chance you are going to get Crying Obsidian at all.