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MLB The Show 19: How To Bunt

Try to get baserunners into scoring position.

by Dean James


Getting on base in MLB The Show 19 is important as it always is, as that allows you to then bring those runners on base around to score. Hits are not the only way to set yourself up for victory though once you have baserunners, which is where bunting comes in to play. This guide will explain just how you can bunt when inside the batter’s box.

How To Bunt in MLB The Show 19

The act of bunting is more of a dying art than anything else, though it still has its uses. Having a runner on first base is always a good thing, but it’s always much better to have them in scoring position on second or third. This means that typically a base hit will drive them home, so getting them into that position is important.

First of all, bunting with two outs is never a good idea unless you have a crazy fast player in the batter’s box. Instead, only try to perform a sacrifice bunt when you have no outs or one out. To bunt, rather than pressing X, Circle, or Square to do one of the three swing types, instead hold down Triangle. By doing this, you will put yourself into bunt position. You can choose to do this right away or closer to when the pitch is coming, though often it’s hard to pull the bunt off if you wait too late. On the flipside, this will also make it apparent you are bunting and the defense can position themselves or pitch to try and force a pop up.

When bunting, you want to either bunt the ball to the left or to the right of the pitcher, which you can try to direct with the analog stick. Typically aiming for the left of the pitcher is the best tactic, as long as the third baseman isn’t playing too shallow. You have to be more precise with positioning to the right, as you need to force the first baseman to come after the ball instead of the pitcher or catcher.

You also want to get on top of the ball and not under it, as the latter will often cause you to pop it up. This means the catcher or pitcher usually can grab it without the runner being able to advance. This should bring on the infield fly rule as well, making you automatically out regardless of if they drop it or not.

The most ideal time to bunt is when you have a runner on first or second, or one on each, and a pitcher up to bat. Pitcher’s have the worst hitting stats in the game outside of rare cases like Shohei Ohtani, so giving up an out to advance the runners is usually the best you can get out of a pitcher except for a stray base hit here or there.

Bunting is a very useful technique if used wisely, so knowing just how to use it can be very helpful.

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