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MLB The Show 19: How To Earn Stubs Fast

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MLB The Show 19 brings back the ever popular Diamond Dynasty mode yet again and that means getting the best players you can continues to be very important. You start with a base roster of players, but purchasing new packs with additional players costs in-game currency known as Stubs, which can be gotten in a few different ways. This guide will detail just how you can get Stubs quickly in MLB The Show 19.

How To Earn Stubs Fast In MLB The Show 19

As you can see in the above image, there is technically one way to get Stubs faster than any other in MLB The Show 19 and that is purchasing the with real world money. That is something you can do if you really want, but the rest of this guide will focus on how to earn it quickly within the game.

Moments mode is one of the brand new additions in MLB The Show 19 that allows you to replay classic moments in baseball history across multiple categories. Within each of these categories, you can earn Stubs for completing each individual moment, as well as a larger chunk of Stubs for completing the entire category or even sub-category for some. The game will continue to add more new Moments under the Topps Now 2019 as well, so this is one to consistently keep an eye on for new opportunities to earn Stubs.

Another very easy way to quickly get on the board with Stubs is to check out your collections from within Diamond Dynasty. What you want to do is go to the Starter Collections and then go to each position and highlight and select the required number of players or cards in that position to receive a free 500 Stubs each. This will also reward you with an additional pack to open as well, which is always a good thing. Just be wary that this will add them to your collection, which means they are non-sellable after. You likely won’t have enough players for but a few of these to start, but it’s still good to do this first of all and keep checking back after opening new packs.

Conquest mode within Diamond Dynasty is also another way to earn different levels of Stubs depending on if you complete certain goals given within. Conquest can take a bit more time to pull off than the previous two, but it can still be pretty rewarding as well. Just make sure you are going after the most quickly attainable missions and you can get some of this rather quickly.

While not as fast as some of the other options, the XP Reward Path can also be very helpful with earning free Stubs in the game. At Bronze Level 30, you will get 2,500 Stubs, at Level 65 you will get 5,000, and Level 85 you will get 5,000 as well. This continues on through Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels, so you can keep getting free Stubs by leveling up, which occurs pretty quickly in the game overall.

One other option to earn Stubs quickly is also one you may want to avoid and that is selling your cards in the game. You can quickly sell cards for very few Stubs or you can place them in the marketplace for others to purchase online with their own Stubs. This means that earning packs and better cards through the various game modes is also very useful. However, it’s probably not the best idea to purchase packs with Stubs just for the point of then selling them later, as you’ll probably lose Stubs in the process more than likely. Try to earn the cards or packs otherwise and then sell them for a profit if you want to get some quick Stubs in the game.

The above are some of the quickest methods for earning Stubs in MLB The Show 19. There’s bound to be others available, but these were the ones we found useful to avoid having to actually buy any Stubs in the game. More ways could also pop up in the future with new additions to the game already coming so soon after release, so keep an eye out for additional methods as well.

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