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MLB The Show 19: How To Hit

Try to get ahead in the count.

by Dean James


Unlike the more offensive centric arcade style baseball games, the MLB The Show series has always gone with a much more realistic approach, which also means it is much harder to get hits in the game. There is no single guarantee on how to get hits in MLB The Show 19, but this guide will detail some strategies that should help.

How To Hit In MLB The Show 19

Pitching is definitely the easier option in comparison to hitting in MLB The Show 19 as always, but we are here to teach you how to get hits this time around. Starting off, find the right difficulty level for you in the game by trying different ones until you find that sweet spot where you feel comfortable. You can manually choose between the different difficulties or go with the Dynamic option, which increases or decreases the difficulty level depending on how you are performing.

Once you are set with a difficulty level, it’s not time to focus on how to actually get some hits. First of all, don’t swing at everything thrown at you. If you are playing another live player online, they will quickly realize you will swing at everything and eat you alive. Instead, try to start watching the zone and find a spot that you will tell yourself you will swing if it goes past on each edge. This is obviously easier said than done, and everyone will swing at horrible pitches now and then.

This brings me to the next piece of advice, which I will say is the most important of all. That is to be patient with your at bats. This doesn’t mean you have to keep the bat on your shoulder and just wait for multiple pitches before swinging, but the key to performing well is getting ahead in the count. Swinging at the first pitch can work well sometimes, especially when there are men on base and the pitcher is afraid of falling behind. However, getting ahead 1-0, 2-0, and so on will force the pitcher to start pitching in the zone more and potentially leave you a hanging breaking ball in just the right spot to drive it over the fences. I know myself from habit how hard it can be to resist what seems like a perfect pitch, so I always say go with your gut. Regardless of that, patience is a virtue in MLB The Show 19 just as it is in real life baseball as well.

Knowing when to use your three types of swings is also quite important as well, with you having your regular, power, and contact swing, which you can aim in certain directions as well. Your usual go-to should be the regular swing, as it gives you the best overall chances of getting a hit. The power swing will give you a greater chance to hit a long fly ball, but more often than not this will just become a routine fly ball unless you connect perfectly. Contact swings are also good as a way to try and get wood on the ball when behind in the count or trying to just get the ball in play to drive in a run. Similarly, the power swing can be good to drive in a runner from third with a deep fly ball. I personally stick mostly with the regular swing though, with a mix of the other two here and there when it feels right. When you’ve got a couple of men on base and a reeling pitcher who throws right down the middle to your best batter, a power swing may be just the recipe to knock the ball out of the park.

As said above, there is no surefire way to get hits in MLB The Show 19. Practice and getting used to how pitches break and such will help a lot, but using some of the tactics above should give you a bit of an advantage as well when you’re trying to get on base and get some runs home.

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