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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Find All Shrine Ruins Sub-Camps

Where to find the one sub-camp.

by Dean James


Monster Hunter Rise has five different maps that you will be using to fulfill the various quests in the game. Each of these maps start with a base camp where you can change your load out and fast travel to, but each map also has at least one sub-camp for you to unlock. These sub-camps lets you do most anything that the base camp can except for accessing the Supply Box, so finding them is very useful. The Shrine Ruins are the first area you can visit in the game and there is one sub-camp available that you can find and unlock.

How To Find All Shrine Ruins Sub-Camps

The Shrine Ruins are pretty easy to navigate, with there not really being anything too tricky with the layout. However, that does not mean you’ll just find the sub-camp out in the open, as you’re going to make your way upward to eventually find it.


To start, you need to venture to nearly the other side of the map. Specifically, head towards zone 9, as that is the best place to start. From zone 9, you want to start heading down the patch that would take you to zone 13, but keep an eye out on the wall to your left. About halfway between 9 and 13, you’ll see a vine wall that you can use to climb up, so do exactly that.

Once you get to the top, take a right and follow the short patch until you’ll eventually reach what looks like a dead end. However, you’ll find another set of vines that you can use to climb up. Now climb up to the top and you’ll get a message that says “Discovered a suitable location for a sub-camp,” so either finish the quest you are on or return from quest and head back to the village.


When you are back in the village, go speak with Kagero the Merchant and he will give you a quest to complete known as Sub-Camp Security. This tasks you with slaying eight Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins, so go do exactly that. After you are finished, speak with Kagero again and you will unlock the first sub-camp in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides that you can find right here as well.

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