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Monster Hunter World – How to Start Iceborne on PC

PC players can finally access the snowy Hoarfrost Reach region.

by Diego Perez


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is finally out on PC, and now people can explore the frozen Hoarfrost Reach and take on the game’s toughest monsters at ultra-high resolutions and silky smooth framerates. Unfortunately, unless you’ve already familiarized yourself with Monster Hunter World’s endgame on PC, there might be some business you need to take care of first. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about accessing the brand-new Iceborne content and how to get started quickly.

How to Start Iceborne on PC

Iceborne is a post-game expansion to Monster Hunter World, meaning you’ll have to have completed the entire main campaign before you can even think about starting the DLC. You’ll know you’ve beaten the lengthy campaign once you slay Xeno’jiiva, the huge blue monstrosity that is the game’s final boss. If you haven’t beaten Xeno’jivva yet, then don’t fret; it’s largely a pushover, especially with a group. The Elder Dragons that come before it are much tougher.

Once you’re in the post-game, the process of starting Iceborne is fairly straightforward. A new quest will appear in Astera. You’ll be sent to explore the Ancient Forest, which then kicks off the events of the 30+ hour expansion. Very soon after your excursion into the Ancient Forest, you’ll unlock the new Hoarfrost Reach area and almost immediately begin combat with one of the new monsters.


How to Prepare For Iceborne

While you can technically start Iceborne right when you log in if you’ve completed the main game, there are a few things you should consider first. Every quest in the expansion is at the brand-new Master Rank difficulty, meaning you’ll need top of the line High Rank gear to be able to perform at an acceptable level during the starting quests. Thankfully, Capcom is giving everyone a free set of great gear called the Guardian Armor and Defender Weapons. The Guardian Armor is given to everyone free of charge, even if you haven’t finished the main campaign yet. It’s intended to help lapsed players get through the old content quickly and to help returning players be more prepared for Iceborne’s challenges.

If you’re entirely new to the world of Monster Hunter, you can select the Guardian set under the “Default Armor” option during character creation to start out with an incredible set of gear. To get the Guardian Armor as a returning player, just head to your room in Astera. Speak to your Housekeeper and select Claim Add-On & Bonuses > Armor Set: Guardian > Yes. This will claim the armor. Go ahead and claim the Early Weapon Upgrade Materials Set while you’re there, too. To get your hands on a Defender Weapon, head to the Smithy, where you’ll be able to craft whichever weapon type you’d like for only 1 Iron Ore and 600z. The Materials Set you claimed in your room will provide you with more than enough to get started. These weapons and armor can be used all the way through the base game and into the beginning of Iceborne.

With Guardian Armor equipped and Defender Weapon in hand, it’s time to venture out and brave the icy Hoarfrost Reach region and go toe to toe with ferocious new beasts. Have fun, and as always, don’t forget to eat a hearty meal at the canteen before you head out.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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