Mortal Shell – How to Fast Travel

The travelling foundling

by Abdul Saad

Mortal Shell is the newest title from the developer Cold Symmetry inspired from the Dark Souls series. As such, it understandably replicates some of its steller features. One such is the limited fast travel system. However, this guide will provide you with the easiest way to gain access to full fast travel. To get this, you’ll need to acquire special masks in the game.

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How to Fast Travel

At the start of the game, players will be granted the use of the Tarnished and Untarnished Masks. The first allows you to teleport back to the last Sester you visited but at the cost of all glimpses. However, gaining familiarity with the mask will reduce the cost of glimpses consumed after each use by fifty percent.

The Untarnished Mask functions similarly to the Tarnished Mask but is limited in use and does not cost any glimpses per use.

To fully gain access to fast travel, you’ll need The Ornate Mask which is the third and final mask in the game. This mask allows players to teleport back to any previously visited Sester locations.

As a bonus, the mask also grants the user an increase in the amount of tar gained for one minute after its use. To acquire this mask, you’ll need to fully upgrade your favorite shell (can be any shell just pick one.) Afterward, all you need to do is talk to the Sester with your new fully upgraded shell, and you’ll be granted access to special merchant goods which includes The Ornate Mask which costs 30 Glimpses.

Players will be moving a lot in Mortal Shell, so an easier way to get to each location will be very useful. Follow this guide accordingly and you should be getting to your destination much quicker. Be aware that you cannot fast travel while holding a sacred gland.