MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Guide | Combos, Moveset, Perks, and More

Never underestimate the power of cookware to make some filthy combos.

by J.R. Waugh


Tom and Jerry are a unique fighting duo in MultiVersus, counted as one fighter for the game but being able to tag-team opponents in a clever fashion, but they can be difficult to master.  They are an iconic animated pair, often with Tom, the cat, trying to capture Jerry, the mouse, through increasingly cartoonish violence which almost always ends in Tom getting injured or worse.  On more than one occasion they have teamed up for the sake of mutual self-preservation or to help others, and in this case, they bring their repertoire of surprising weapons and wit onto the battlefield as an adaptable mage-style fighter.  Read on for our MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Guide!

MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Guide | Moveset and Combos

Tom and Jerry function well as a team, but just because some of their moves hit harder when they’re together, doesn’t mean you should always stay with that configuration.  Jerry can be fired from Tom’s slingshot and set up some ruthless combos in the right hands with enough practice, but if you’re looking to quickly accumulate damage, there’s a good arrangement of moves you can pull to achieve those ends, as listed below:

Tom & Jerry Move List – Regular Attacks

  • Volley!  – Neutral attack, Tom charges a swing with a tennis racket that can reflect.  Is the same on the ground as in the air.
  • Mallet Time – Side ground attack, a combo of swings with a large mallet.
  • Scratch Cat – Side air attack, two fast swipes forward.
  • Paddle-Paddle-Paddle – Up ground attack, charges an attack where Tom uses a paddle ball above his head.  The longer you charge, the more bounces the paddle ball makes.  You can move from side to side during the attack.
  • Trash Can Band – Up air attack, Tom slams trash can lids above his head.  The hit is strongest where the lids collide.
  • Feline Pounce – Down ground attack, charge a pounce attack forward that breaks armor.  Charging increases the distance of the pounce.
  • Cast-Iron Crusher – Down air attack, Tom swings his frying pan downward.

Tom & Jerry Move List – Special Attacks

  • Slingshot Sharpshooter – Neutral special, Tom aims and fires Jerry as a projectile.  If Jerry is away, Tom will shoot a tennis ball projectile toward Jerry.  Tennis balls gain power if reflected by Tom’s tennis racket.  Tom can fire multiple tennis balls until out of ammo.  Is the same on the ground as in the air.
  • Goin’ Fishin – Side special, Tom will cast forward with a fishing pole.  The fishing lure projectile will stay out until you release the input or the lure hits an enemy while traveling.  The lure hits enemies when reeled in.  The lure has a sweet spot after it’s been out for a while.  Is the same on the ground as in the air.
  • Rocket Mouse – Up special – Tom straps Jerry to a rocket projectile.  The rocket can be steered.  If Jerry is not with Tom, then Tom launches a rocket that locks onto Jerry.  Cooldown applies.  In the air – similar to the ground, but Tom launches up slightly, and Jerry moves in an arc instead of being aimed.
  • Snap Trap – Down special, Tom will place a mouse trap projectile on the ground.  Cooldown applies.
  • Look out Below! – Down air special, Tom drops a stick of dynamite projectile that will explode on its second bounce or if it hits an enemy.  The dynamite gains power if reflected by Tom’s tennis racket.  Tom can drop multiple sticks until out of ammo.



  • Cheesy Does it – If one of Tom’s allies picks up Jerry, they will become strengthened, increasing the damage they deal, and briefly hastened, increasing their speed.  While separated, if Tom uses his ground neutral attack, Jerry will shoot a cork toward Tom.  Any other normal attack will have Jerry shoot a cork in the direction Tom is facing.  Jerry can fire multiple corks until out of ammo and they will refresh when he is picked up.

Tom & Jerry Combos

Tom and Jerry’s biggest combo potential lies in their regular attacks, although with some setup from key specials like the Slingshot or Rocket attacks, you can accumulate heavy damage or confirm powerful combos.  Your most powerful and versatile asset will be your Cast-Iron Crusher for combos, but dodge-cancelling some Mallet Time shenanigans can be good in many instances as well.  Notable attacks you’ll want to use in particular include the Paddle-Paddle-Paddle, Trash Can Band, Cast-Iron Crusher, and Mallet Time.  Particular combos you can use include:

  • Paddle an enemy, then immediately short-hop (jump while holding down) and execute a Cast-Iron attack, heavy damage, and launch potential.
  • Approach an enemy when they have a small baseline amount of damage (~20% or more) and execute a Cast-Iron, followed by an air Slingshot aimed at the enemy, and after 2 repetitions you can see 50+ damage quickly accumulate.  You can lead into this by first having Jerry fire a cork at the enemy for additional damage setup.
  • Execute Cast-Iron, then immediately execute Trash Can Band, for a deadly bounce from your down air into up-air, can potentially finish.  Alternatively, use your ground up regular attack (Paddle) to set up this combo to follow, or immediate Trash Can to cap off the combo and score the ringout.
  • When the enemy has high damage, you can execute a Mallet side attack, into a Paddle attack, and finish with Trash Cans.
  • Beyond the above combos, use your projectiles either as interruptions on the enemy attempting a combo on you (such as Look Out Below!) or to chase a player off the map (Rocket Mouse) – they’re not as powerful or as easy to use, but can be handy and are difficult for the enemy to dodge.  Threat saturation should never be overlooked as an asset.

Beyond this, you can use whatever perks you deem necessary in relevant battles, but much of their best work is unaffected by Tom and Jerry’s signature perks.  Expert and Smash Bros. veteran gsmVoiD lays out these combos and more rather nicely in this video on the subject.

MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Guide | Perks

  • Make It rain, Dog! – Team receives a 20% increased projectile speed. – Unlocked at Level 2
  • That’s Flammable, Doc! – For 3 seconds after knocking back an enemy with a projectile, your team can melee attack that enemy to ignite them for 1 second. – Unlocked at Level 4
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper – Your team’s projectiles deal 7% increased damage to far away victims.  – Unlocked at Level 7
  • Dynamite Split (Signature Perk) – Reflecting Tom’s dynamite with his tennis racket will split it into 3 dynamite sticks.  – Unlocked at Level 8
  • Fly Fisher (Signature Perk) – Tom’s fishing pole is weaker, but if he hits the ground or a wall with it, he will pull himself to the terrain.  – Unlocked at Level 10
  • I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge – Your team receives a 10% ability cooldown refund after dodging an attack.  – Unlocked at Level 11
  • Slippery When Feint – Your team receives 10% increased dodge distance when dodging out of an attack hit cancel.  – Unlocked at Level 12
  • School Me Once… – Your team receives a projectile block buff for 2 seconds after being knocked back by a projectile.  – Unlocked at Level 13

Of their signature perks, Fly Fisher can come in extra handy for additional longevity.  Dynamite Split is powerful as well, but will require some practice.

This concludes our MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Guide!  Be sure to check out other guides like this!

MultiVersus is available now in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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