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NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Quickly Fill The Doin’ Work Meter

by Anthony Decicco


The main attraction in NBA 2K17 is the MyCareer mode and within this is a brand new story centric gameplay element. It takes you through the simulated life of an NBA star. You will attend events, and even go to optional practices.

In these optional practices you will interact with teammates or build up your attributes in the gym. You can interact with teammates and perform drills, that will be time consuming to fill up the meter and unlock rewards, or you could do the easy way and hit the gym for a quick fill up of the “Doin’ Work” meter in NBA 2K17.


-First off, when you enter you will want to go straight to the gym. In the likely scenario you aren’t allowed into the gym yet, simply wait until a teammate asks you to practice and choose NO. Now you should be able to freely enter the gym undisturbed.

-Next you will want to go to the Vertical Jump practice in the gym which is located in the back right. We have included an image below.


-The Vertical Jump exercise simply requires you to hold the left stick down when the whistle blows, and when your characters knees are fully bent flick the stick upwards as if they were jumping and reaching. Do this three times to complete the exercise.

-No matter the finish, you will gain on the “Doin’ Work” meter. After about two or three tries, you should be done and the bar is filled. You can now leave the practice gym and do it all over again for every practice to quickly progress through these somewhat tedious sections of the game.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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