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NBA 2K20 Locker Codes – How to Enter, Get Free Packs, Tokens, and MT

Get free packs, currency, and tokens in NBA 2K20

by Timothy Okoro


Locker Codes are back in NBA 2K20 and if you’re into the My Team aspects of the game you’ll want to take advantage of the Locker Codes that are available for the game.  There are numerous ways to get Locker Codes in NBA 2K20 and we’ll go through four easy ways to get them.  Once you’ve used these methods to get the codes you’ll get a chance at free packs, tokens, and MT currency.

2K20 Locker Code 1

You can find the first Locker Code in the My Team Community Hub.  In a video the My Team community manager reveals the code below which you can enter.


2K20 Locker Code 2

You can get a free ball drop which will reward you with tokens by entering the code below:


2K20 Locker Code 3

You can get a Free Locker Code from Downloading NBA 2K Mobile Basketball App.  This code will give you a ball drop reward. You can download the app at either of the links below.

App Store


This is a one-use code so you’ll need to download the game.  Once you complete the short tutorial you can find the code on your rewards page.

2K20 Locker Code 4

The last code will give you 2 free tokens and you don’t need to enter a code at all.  You just need to go to the Community Hub and respond to a survey and you will get two free tokens for My Team.

How to Enter Locker Codes

There are numerous places to enter Locker Codes in 2K20.  You can do this while in My Career or in My Team.  The option to enter codes is located in the extras menu for My Team and in the Settings menu for My Career.

When entering codes, make sure that you actually put the dashes in the code.  If you just do the number/letter string without the dashes between the five letters/numbers the code will come back as invalid.  Capitalization does not matter, but the dashes definitely do.

Those are all the Locker Codes for NBA 2K20 at the moment and how to enter them in the game to get free My Team packs, Tokens, and MT.   Check back later as more Locker Codes are coming soon…

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