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NBA 2K22 – How to Get the Penthouse Apartment

The best apartment is going to take some grinding.

by C.J. Keller


One of the prized items for My Career in NBA 2K22 is the Penthouse Apartment upgrade.  In this guide we’re going to explain exactly what you need to do to get this deluxe apartment in the City.

How to get the Penthouse Apartment in 2k22

The Penthouse Apartment is earned by competing The World is Yours: MVP of the City Challenge.  This challenge requires that you rack up MVP points and establish yourself as a basketball superstar to become MVP of the City.  The reward is the Penthouse apartment as well as quick access to affiliation courts, a zipline, and 10,000 VC currency.

To complete the MVP of the City Challenge you need to earn 1,000,000 MVP Points.

How to earn MVP Points in 2K22

So how do you earn these MVP points? Completing different challenges in My Career is the fastest way to earn MVP Points.  Different challenges will earn different amounts of MVP points.  Completing early challenges like making a decision to go to College or the G League will net you 1,000 MVP Points.  As you progress, different tasks will earn different amounts.  So depending on how fast you’re completing different challenges in My Career is how long it will take to get to 1,000,000 MVP Points.

Once you’ve got the points, the reward of a Penthouse will be given to you to use in the City.

If you want to track your progress on The World is Yours: MVP of the City Challenge you can do so by heading into the Quests menu and then heading down to the “CITY MVP” tab.  Here you will find the challenge listed and how many points you’ve earned up to this point.

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