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NBA 2K22 How to Unlock Auction House Fast

Start doing everything you can to collect more cards.

by C.J. Keller


Like previous years, the Auction House in NBA 2K22 is once again locked from the start.  If you try to find the auction house when you first log-in to the My Team section of the game you will find that it is inaccessible.  This guide will explain quickly what you need to do to unlock the Auction House in NBA 2K22 My Team.  To unlock the Auction House you actually need to complete a specific challenge in the mode’s Season Agendas.

How to Unlock the Auction House in NBA 2K22

To unlock the Auction House in NBA 2K22 you need to have collected 30 cards in your Lifetime Agenda.  Depending on which version of NBA 2K22 getting into the Auction House and getting 30 cards can be pretty easy.  If you purchased the version that includes the card packs just make sure to go into the Pack Market section and claim your unopened packs.  If you purchased either the digital bundle or the anniversary edition you don’t need to do any grinding to unlock the auction house.

If you didn’t and you went the bare bones base model of NBA 2K22 the grind does begin here.  There are a few ways to go about getting the 30 cards in the fastest way possible.

Play Single Player Challenges or Triple Threat to get cards fast

The easiest way to do this is to start performing the single player challenges.  Skill challenges, pick-up challenges, spotlight challenges, signature challenges, or activity challenges will do the trick. These different challenges will get you between 3-5 cards per challenge completed and you can rack up the thirty you need pretty quick.

Triple Threat can also net you some cards fast in 2K22.  A single win will get you a five card pack, five wins another five card pack.

Of course, if you absolutely don’t want to wait you can purchase VC currency that will allow you to purchase packs with enough cards to complete the requirement.  Otherwise, the challenges and triple threat route should only take about an hour to complete.

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