New Among Us Roles: How to Play Shapeshifter, Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel

More than just Impostors and Crewmates.

by Diego Perez


Four new Among Us roles are now available, and they shake up the game in surprising and exciting ways. Everyone knows about Crewmates and Impostors by this point, but now, there are different roles for each team to play. Impostors now have the ability to disguise themselves as any other Crewmate using the new Shapeshifter role, and the Crewmates have a few new tricks up their sleeves in the form of the Scientist, Engineer, and Guardian Angel roles. There’s a lot of new stuff to learn about, and there’s a whole new layer of strategy in the game now. Here’s how to play all four of the new Among Us roles.

How to Play the New Among Us Roles

The new Among Us roles are enabled by default. That means you’ll automatically be assigned one of them when you start a match. The original Crewmate and Impostor roles still exist though, so you’re not guaranteed to end up in one of the new roles. However, Crewmates still have a chance to be a Scientist, Engineer, or Guardian Angel, and Impostors can end up being a Shapeshifter as long as there is more than one Impostor in the match.

However, you can adjust the number of each role in the match by changing the role settings. You’ll find this at the laptop in the pre-game lobby where you can adjust other game settings like movement speed and Impostor count. There’s a new tab that will allow you to change the number of Scientists, Engineers, Guardian Angels, and Shapeshifters in your game.


The Shapeshifter is a new role available for Impostors. They can temporarily disguise themselves as another Crewmate, allowing players to place suspicion on other people to draw attention away from the real Impostors. Imitating another player leaves evidence behind though, so the Crewmates can piece together that everything may not be as it seems. Crewmates can catch Shapeshifters in the act as well, which is just like getting caught venting as a normal Impostor.


Scientists are a new role available for Crewmates. This role gives the Crewmate team more information. Scientists can access vitals at all times, letting them see who’s alive at any given time. They’ll need to complete tasks in order to recharge their battery, though, so an Impostor can prevent them from checking vitals if they can prevent them from doing tasks.


The engineer is a new role for Crewmates. Venting is seen as a universally sus task, but now it’s not all black and white. The Engineer can use vents like an Impostor, letting Crewmates get around each map much faster. They can also surprise an Impostor by popping out of a vent at the right time.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is the third new role added for Crewmates in this update. It allows a player to cast a protection shield around the remaining Crewmates, preventing the Impostors from killing anyone. This is a highly situational role, but it can save a match if the Guardian Angel plays their cards right. The Impostors won’t know who is a Guardian Angel, either, so it can lead to some surprises.

Among Us is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The game will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14.

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