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New Pokémon Snap: How to Get All Stars for Caterpie

The world's most feisty bug

by Victor Vellas


New Pokémon Snap has its fair share of bugs in the Lental Region, and the roster wouldn’t be complete without of course the popular Caterpie. This infamous bug can be found in Florio Nature Park, minding its own business until we start messing around with it, in order to take a few screenshots. One of the easiest Pokémon to capture all of its four unique behaviors, so let’s see below how to do so.

How to take a picture of every Caterpie behavior in New Pokémon Snap

1 – Star

  • Take a picture of Caterpie as it stands relaxed next to the pathway you traverse through.

2 – Star

  • Throw a Fluffruit and wait until it starts eating it. Take a picture at that exact moment.

3 – Star

  • In Florio Nature Park (Night), you need to wait until a Murkrow flies over its head. It will jump towards the Murkrow, for who knows what reason and you need to capture it at that exact moment. It seems that this instance is triggered randomly, if a flock of those birds are around.

4 – Star

  • Oddly enough, this could be a very easy 4-Star picture to get. All you have to do is to stalk from afar a Caterpie, until it starts swirling around, throwing some String Shot. Screenshot that moment and you have yourself your 4-Star photo.

*Please note that as you increase your Research level in each stage, you may encounter different behaviors of Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. If you don’t seem to find the specific moment for the one you are looking for, it may be due to this. Keep taking pictures in a specific stage, to unlock every Research level of it and complete your Photodex.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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