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New Pokémon Snap: How to Get All Stars for Tangrowth

Only in the Pokémon universe you would see a mass of vines jumping around this happy

by Victor Vellas


While scary at first, Tangrowth in New Pokémon Snap is actually a very gentle and joyful Pokémon. It doesn’t really mess around with anyone else, minding its own business, and its interactions with you are really something else. An overall happy fella, trying to live its daily life in the forest. Don’t be fooled however, Tangrowth in general are very powerful, and can end up doing massive damage to anyone who tries to hurt them. This whole attitude is extremely obvious through inside this title, as its motions and reactions show exactly all of what was just mentioned. Take a look below to see for yourself.

How to take a picture of every Tangrowth behavior in New Pokémon Snap

1 – Star

  • Screenshot Tangrowth as you walk past it, without interacting at all with it.

2 – Star

  • In Florio Nature Park (Day), you can find a Tangrowth on the left side of the road, middle-way through the stage. If you try and throw Fluffruits a little further than where it stands, it will extend its arm, trying to catch them. If it succeeds, it will eat one and jump around happy. Take a picture of that exact moment. It may end up being happy for no reason at all as well, which happened for me during nighttime, so keep observing it to see if anything else can trigger this reaction.

3 – Star

  • Hit Tangrowth with a Fluffruit. It will clearly show that it was annoyed by it, and it will throw a small tantrum towards you by moving rapidly its arms and body. Take a screenshot when it does exactly that.

4 – Star

  • During nighttime in Florio Nature Park, a sleeping Tangrowth may spawn on the right side of the road, where some Bouffalant sleep as well. Throw an Illumina Orb at it to scare it, and it will jump and then stretch its arms forward, doing a massive leap over to the nearby cliff. While I have only tried it with an Illumina Orb, it is possible you can do this with just a Fluffruit. In any case, take a screenshot of when it jumps, to earn your 4-Star photo.

*Please note that as you increase your Research level in each stage, you may encounter different behaviors of Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. If you don’t seem to find the specific moment for the one you are looking for, it may be due to this. Keep taking pictures in a specific stage, to unlock every Research level of it and complete your Photodex.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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