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Next New Black Ops 4 Seasonal Event Update Dated for July

Days of Summer slated for June, new operation comes in July.

by William Schwartz

With Black Ops 4, the game has moved from map pack DLC to seasonal events, the current event being Operation Spectre Rising.  While this event has seen mixed reaction from the Call of Duty community, Treyarch has revealed what’s in store for Black Ops 4 in the months ahead.

The current seasonal event is the aforementioned Spectre Rising.  It brought pretty big changes to the Blackout Map, some new weapons, as well as new maps and the new Specialist character.  What Black Ops 4 players can expect in the two months ahead (June & July) is a “second half” of Operation Spectre Rising, which Treyarch says will kick off the Days of Summer in June.  Then in July, the fifth Operation will release.

Little is known about this fifth Black Ops 4 Operation and what changes it will bring to Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies.  If it’s anything like Spectre Rising, it could bring big changes to Blackout yet again.  Advertisements for the ‘Days of Summer’ event that should span between the second half of Operation Spectre Rising and the next season of Black Ops 4 is said to contain new Blackout Modes, Map Updates, New Weapons, and more.

After the release of Operation 5, Treyarch still has more in store for Black Ops 4.  It has already been announced that the sixth operation in the game will be released in the Fall.

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