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Ni No Kuni 2 How to Open Locked Treasure Chests

by William Schwartz


In Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom you’ll occasionally run across treasure chests that are locked in the game.  You’ll notice these chests by their different color than standard chests, and they usually contain higher level items.  So how do you unlock these chests?  You’ll need to learn a magic spell in the game that allows you to unlock them.

Eventhough you’ll start encountering locked treasure chests early in the game, you’ll need to make some progress before you can unlock them.  This progress needs to be at least to the point in the game where you’ve started to build your kingdom, Evermore.

Once you’ve started building Evermore, you’ll also be able to start constructing building, one of the first buildings you should be building is the Evermore Spellworks.  In this building you can perform numerous researches.  If you research “Spring Lock” you’ll be able to open all of the blue treasure chests found throughout the world.

You’ll need to have a specific Total IO of the Personnel in The Spellworks building to research the spell, and depending on the level of the citizens that you assign the building the spell will take more or less time to research.

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