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Ni No Kuni 2 How to Replay Kingmaker Boss Fights

by William Schwartz


On the way to reuniting the world in Ni No Kuni 2, Evan’s quest takes him around the world to face down Kingmaker trials against tough boss opponents.  The Kingmaker Battles can be accessed more than once however, if you’d like to experience them again and again.

In the Kingdom of Evermore, Evan can learn the ability to recall Kingmaker trials but he’ll need to learn the Retrial Spell in the Evermore Spellworks.  Doing the Research of this Specific Spell will allow you to head back to the Kingmaker temples to challenge any of the four different Kingmakers in the game.

The spell should be one of the last ones you unlock.  The more times you face these Kingmaker trials, the harder the Kingmaker gets and you’ll earn unique rewards for facing down these tough opponents each time.  Once you’ve learned the Retrial Spell you can return to the Cradle of Creation to fight Oakenhart, Cradle of Wisdom to fight Bastion, Cradle of  Fire to fight Longfang, or the Abyss to fight Brineskimmer.

Once you’ve cast the spell at each shrine, you’ll be able to come back again and again to fight them at a tougher difficulty.  The first retry on each Kingmaker starts the boss at level 50, and then goes up from there.

The Kingmaker Boss fights are some of the best looking fights in the game though, and if you want to experience them again you’ll need to unlock the Retrial Spell in Evermore.

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