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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Scarab Guide

50 total to be found.

by Dean James


The Ninja Gaiden games have always been hard enough on their own to beat, but getting everything that is found in the game can take that to the next level. The first modern Ninja Gaiden that was redone as Ninja Gaiden Sigma has Golden Scarabs as a collectible all throughout the game for you to find. There are 50 of these to be found throughout the various stages in the game, some out in the open and others a little more hidden. That is why we have put together a guide to tell you where to find all of them in Ninja Gaiden Sigma within the new Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection release.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Scarab Guide

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is split into 18 chapters, a few of which in this version give you control of Rachel. When it comes to the collectible Golden Scarabs however, they are only going to be found within the Ryu Hayabusa chapters. There’s no specific amount in each stage either, as they are randomly scattered throughout the Ryu levels. There aren’t even any Golden Scarabs to be found in the first two chapters of the game either while Ryu is making his way through the two villages. They do start to appear as soon as you reach the Airship though.

Chapter 3: Skies of Vengeance

  1. Main Office – Located behind the desk near the window.
  2. Storage Room – After finishing the Airship Challenge, climb up to the top of the storage containers to find this one.
  3. Gas Compartment Passageway – Make your way up to the highest point of this area using a Bird Flip and you’ll find this one on an upper walkway.

Chapter 4: Imperial City Infiltration

  1. Great Bridge Square – Can be found in a fountain to the left of where you enter this area.
  2. Clock Tower Square – Take the stairwell just past the entrance in Great Bridge Square and take out some enemies. Continue following this path and you’ll find the Scarab.

Chapter 6: City of Fiends

  1. Han’s Bar – As soon as you try to leave Pleasure Street, a scroll from Ayane will appear. At this point, go towards the alley where it tells you that a hidden weapon is located and you’ll also find a golden scarab.
  2. Moat Road – Across from the chest with the Pegasus Key will be a Golden Scarab.
  3. Drawbridge Hill – Sitting right next to the Save Statue.
  4. Drawbridge Hill – Take the path to the right and a Golden Scarab is next to a chest.

Chapter 7:

  1. Archives Room – Can’t miss this one when searching around this room.
  2. Archives Room – Use a Bird Flip to get to the highest platform in the room to find another Golden Scarab.
  3. Altar Hall – When leaving the Archives Room from the highest door, look out on the catwalk here to find one.
  4. Corridor of Doom Entrance – Found as soon as you jump down into this area from the Altar Hall along with the Map and Incendiary Shurikens.
  5. Econtra Babel Specus – This incredibly annoying room full of Wasps houses a Golden Scarab on a platform just under where you entered and likely need a Bird Flip to get back up on.
  6. Hall of Eons – Look along the wall in this room to find one.

Chapter 9:

  1. Underground Cemetery – When you are down at the bottom around the remains of the Bone Dragon, look around until you find this Golden Scarab near the wall.
  2. Suspension Bridge Room – As soon as you enter this room, can be found on your right opposite a chest.
  3. Red Eye Chamber – Swim down in the water and this one should just be sitting there.
  4. Blue Eye Chamber – Found underneath the platform.
  5. Flooded Corridor – Swim underwater once again for this one.

Chapter 10:

  1. Dworku Alleyway – Can be found near the Muramasa Statue and chest.
  2. Dworku Alleyway – From the previous one, use Bird Flips to get up to the highest ledge. From there, wall run to get across to this Golden Scarab.

Chapter 11:

  1. Military Gate Road – Take down the three soldiers in this area and then look for the Scarab at the end of the path on the left.
  2. Warehouse – Use a wall run upward to get on top of the train on the right side to find this one.
  3. Warehouse – When you are near the office, climb on top of it instead of entering it and the Golden Scarab will be right there.
  4. Radio Control Tower Entrance – Beside Muramasa’s Statue, use multiple Bird Flips to get up the nearby wall to find this one.

Chapter 12:

  1. Aquaducts 2B – Just after the fight with the Electric Worm, go through the small pathway and turn around. Wall run up this platform and the Golden Scarab will be sitting there.
  2. Hall of Balance – On the upper ledge of this room beyond the chests.
  3. Red Water Reservoir Room – Can be found over on the right side of this room on the ground.
  4. Underground Passage – Right across from a Muramasa Statue.
  5. Underground Passage – After your second battle with two worms, go into the tunnel that the left worm was in to find this one.
  6. Blue Water Reservoir – Found inside the drained room in the middle.
  7. Peristyle Passage – Use multiple Bird Flips on the pillars to get to the top and find another Golden Scarab.
  8. Underground Sanctuary – Found next to a dead body in this room.
  9. Underground Sanctuary – Located just behind the Save Statue.

Chapter 13:

  1. The Moats – After the first wave of enemies in this area, swim under the gate near the Save Statue and you’ll find a gap with a Golden Scarab.
  2. The Moats – Near where you take out some Laser Copters, you’ll find this one up above a tunnel in the waterway.
  3. The Moats – Swim near the chest where you got the Triton Key to find this one.
  4. The Moats – This can be found inside the nearby sunken ship.
  5. Chamber of Everlasting Sleep – Swim up towards the roof as soon as you enter this room to grab this one.

Chapter 15:

  1. Zarkhan Stadium – As soon as the chapter begins, exit the stadium area in the opposite direction you came in to find some broken pillars and a nearby Golden Scarab.
  2. Zarkhan Stadium – After activating the lever to reveal the exit to the stadium, some floating platforms will come out. Get on the floating ledge to the left and use a few wall runs to get between platforms until you can climb up and get a Golden Scarab.
  3. Zarkhan Stadium – For this one, go the opposite direction on the floating platforms and continue over and up to find another Golden Scarab.
  4. Zarkhan Waterfalls – Right nearby the Save Statue, destroy the boulders in here and one will have a Golden Scarab underneath it.
  5. Zarkhan Waterfalls – In the next room after the previous one, dive underwater and you’ll find another Scarab.
  6. Magma Caverns – Found on a small platform on the right side of the See-Saw room before you jump on the see-saw itself.
  7. Ice Cavern – Located just opposite from the Save Statue in this area.

Chapter 17:

  1. Labyrinth – After entering the Lion Door, take the left path all the way down to find this one.
  2. Labyrinth – Found in the large area directly opposite from Muramasa’s Statue.

Chapter 18:

  1. The Core – When you reach the door to enter the fourth floor, drop down off the ledge just beside it to reach an area with the final Golden Scarab in the game.

Collecting all 50 Golden Scarabs isn’t just for show with a trophy or achievement, but also provides you with some rewards by visiting Muramasa upon collecting them. There are rewards for every five that you find, with the rewards being as follows.

  • 1 Golden Scarab – Life of the Gods
  • 5 Golden Scarabs – Armlet of Potency
  • 10 Golden Scarabs – Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • 15 Golden Scarabs – Spirit of the Devils
  • 20 Golden Scarabs – Dabilahro Sword
  • 25 Golden Scarabs – The Armlet of Celerity
  • 30 Golden Scarabs – The Armlet of Benediction
  • 35 Golden Scarabs – Great Spirit Elixir
  • 40 Golden Scarabs – Armlet of Fortune
  • 45 Golden Scarabs – Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • 50 Golden Scarabs – Plasma Saber MkII

That concludes our guide for all of the Golden Scarabs in Ninja Gaiden Sigma as part of the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. Finding all 50 of them is not a difficult task overall, but some of them can be easy to overlook for sure.

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