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Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 Games List: All Games Available at Launch

Expand your gaming catalog further with this upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service!

In the recent September 23 Nintendo Direct, a new Nintendo Switch Online membership was announced. The membership will be called the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. It’ll contain the same perks and benefits of the already existing online membership, but this subscription will also come with access to a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.

Here is the current lineup of Nintendo 64 games coming to the Expansion Pack.

All confirmed games coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

  • Super Mario 64
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Starfox 64
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • WinBack: Covert Operations
  • Mario Tennis
  • Dr. Mario 64
  • Sin and Punishment

It’s a short list for now, but the starting titles are very promising. Of course this service will add more titles in the future, which they have already shown. These are the future titles coming out after the initial launch of this program.

Games planned for future release

  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • Mario Golf
  • Pokemon Snap
  • F-Zero X
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • Paper Mario
  • Banjo-Kazooie

There are no current releases date for the listed games.

Another benefit with this additional tier of online subscription is that any games that have local multiplayer will also have online play implemented too. This means you can play games like Mario Kart 64, among other titles, online and up to 4 people at once. Of course, every player involved will have to have the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.


Just like Nintendo did with the release of the NES and SNES collections, they’ll be releasing a full-sized, wireless Nintendo 64 controller as an additional item to people who purchase this subscription. It’ll be priced at $49.99 USD.

Think of this new Switch Online plan like how Microsoft has its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and its Game Pass Ultimate system. One of them is just an online month-to-month subscription that gives players access to play online and also receive a few freebies every month. Game Pass Ultimate has the benefits of Gold plus extra games in its catalog.

This new membership plan will be rolling out in late October of this year (2021). There is no exact confirmed date yet. The new plan will not be part of the original subscription plans either. They are separate and will have different prices accordingly. The Online + Expansion Pack does not have a set price point either, and hopefully it won’t be a dramatic price difference between the standard one and this one. You can check out more details by clicking here.

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