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No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Get Antimatter

by William Schwartz


Antimatter in No Man’s Sky is a very valuable commodity in the game. It allows you to craft Warp Cells which power your Hyperdrive system, in turn, allowing you to explore deeper and deeper into the game’s massive universe.  So how do you get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky?  It turns out there are many ways to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky.

The easiest way to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky is through the game’s crafting system.  There’s a multi-step process that you must follow to make this material.  First you’ll need Suspension Fluid.  These can either be crafted (if you’ve found the recipe), or can be purchased through trading terminals or trading with NPCs.

The recipe for Suspension Fluid is simply 50 units of Carbon.  You can find Carbon from almost any life form on any planet.  Use your Multi-Tool to desconstruct plant life or even animals and you’ll pick up the carbon element.  We found the recipe for Suspension Fluid through the playing the game, and since it’s a fairly oft-used material it shouldn’t be too hard to stumble across.

Once you’ve got a Suspension Fluid you can make the second piece used in Antimatter, which is Electron Vapor.  Electron Vapor is simply one Suspension Fluid and 100 units of Plutonium.  Plutonium is a fairly common element that can be found on almost every planet.  It’s also used for things like powering your ship and suit.

Once the Electron Vapor is crafted you can now craft Antimatter.  Antimatter is one Electron Vapor, 50 Heridium, and 10 Zinc.  Antimatter is one of the final pieces to the puzzle when it comes to crafting Warp Cells for your Hyperdrive system.  The final recipe for the Warp Cell is 1 Antimatter and 100 Thamium (another common element).

If you want to get further and further into the universe of No Man’s Sky, you’ll need to become familiar with this recipe.  The Hyperdrive needs these Warp Cells to function, and Antimatter is one of the key components to progressing in the game.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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