No Man’s Sky Update 3.74 Patch Notes

No Man's Sky got some fixes under its belt

by Carlos Hurtado

Update 3.74 has arrived for No Man’s Sky, and here’s the full list of changes added with this patch. This No Man’s Sky update did not bring a lot of changes, but it managed to fix some annoying bugs players were experiencing for a while now. No Man’s Sky went to a controversial release to a game that hosts more than 5 thousand players every month, and it keeps getting better after every content addition and update. Here’s everything new with No Man’s Sky update 3.74.

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No Man’s Sky Update 3.74 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to memory allocation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented expedition milestones to visit specific colored stars from completing if the player did not first have the expected hyperdrive upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to fall through the floor of their freighter base when loading a save made aboard the freighter.
  • Fixed several snapping issues with the new contextual Pipe base building part.

In the last update, the developers fixed a lot of bugs. From optimization issues on the PS4 version of the game to Xbox-specific crashes when running out of audio memory. The list of fixes is at least twice as long as this one, is good to see the developers working on these fixes besides the content additions they usually release. Currently, there is a Steam sale, so if you want to get a copy for a friend this is your chance.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series S/X. For more information regarding the update, go to the official No Man’s Sky website.