No More Heroes 3: How to Farm WESN

Time to max those stats!

by Andron Smith

To succeed in No More Heroes 3, you’ll definitely need to learn how to farm WESN. WESN or World Ending Super Nova is one of two currencies required to collect Gacha Capsules, obtain T-shirts from certain enemies and most importantly upgrade your stats. WESN and UC (the other main currency in NH3) are rewarded for different side activities and if you just went through the story, you’d probably earn enough to get by but certainly not enough to max out everything and get all the extras as well. Here’s everything we know on how to farm WESN in No More Heroes 3.

How to Farm WESN in No More Heroes 3

Our preferred method to farm WESN in No More Heroes 3 is to use the time machine and beat up a boss on Berry Sweet difficulty. We learned early on that while higher difficulty settings will net higher rewards, the time taken to clear is not worth it. Even on the easiest setting, you’ll earn a good amount of WESN in far less time so there is no reason to go to higher difficulties if farming is the intent. See below for some data we gathered from a sample boss you can farm.

Efficient Farming

The goal of this method is to S or SS rank whatever boss you’re currently on as well as completing the fight quickly. In the early game, we farmed Gold Joe and found the below results:

  • Conditions: We spammed the Y button and ignored all mechanics hitting any slash prompts as they popped up. Berry Sweet difficulty makes you invincible so anything else doesn’t really matter. We did have to recharge once per battle if we didn’t get a lucky mustang mode activation.
  • 1300 WESN per win with SS clear
  • The average time per fight and cutscenes was around 90 seconds if unlucky with pushback from Joe
  • Spamming Joe over an hour with some breaks in between should net around 40k to 45k WESN per hour and only getting easier as you learn the patterns and power Travis up.

There are bound to be better bosses to do this on with higher payouts (the higher their rank the more they shell out), but this specific method can be done as soon as you defeat him regularly meaning it’s a great way to master skills earlier on.

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!