No More Heroes 3: How to Unlock Gacha Capsule Machines

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by Andron Smith

No More Heroes 3 has a surprisingly large amount of items to collect but it’s a bit unclear how to unlock the Gacha Capsule Machines to begin collecting those. While you can use a special Death Glove Chip to locate most of the other collectibles in the game with relative ease, to hit true 100% completion, you’ll have to make it deep enough into the game for your chance to unlock these little toys. Here’s everything we know on how to unlock Gacha Capsule Machines in No More Heroes 3.

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How to Unlock Gacha Capsule Machines in No More Heroes 3

To unlock the Gacha Capsule Machines in No More Heroes 3, you’ll need to first complete the Sweet and Dangerous gem adventure (side quest) in Thunderdome’s Neo Osaka. Once completed, you’ll get a key to a room on the first floor of the motel that gives you access to the Gacha capsule machines. This allows you to start collecting the special Gacha Capsule toys. Curious what they cost?

Get Ready to Waste Some Cash

The Gacha capsule machines all cost either Utopia Coins (UC) or World Ending Super Nova (WESN) to get a randomly chosen capsule toy. Unfortunately, just like real life, the machines can spit out duplicates of ones you already have so expect to spend a pretty penny to collect them all. To see your capsule collection progress, head to the second floor of Travis’ room in the motel and you can view your capsule collection in all its glory. As for how much each spin will cost you:

  • Battle Recreation Gacha Capsules – 1000 Utopia Coins
  • Assasin Gacha Capsules – 500 Utopia Coins
  • Alien Gacha Capsules – 200 WESN (although at the time of this writing, the text reads “Spend 200 UC”)

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!