OlliOlli World: Tips for Improving Your Score

How to Skate Like a Wizard

by J.R. Waugh


OlliOlli World is out on February 8th and developers Roll7 hit the mark with how fun this game can be while making it plenty challenging for the thrill-seeking players.  You might find yourself wondering how to beat the Local Heroes to get the various cosmetic unlockable items or seeking bragging rights on the Leaderboards.  While flawless runs can’t be guaranteed just for the following advice, you’ll find your score increases dramatically when you consider these ideas.  Read on for our guide on How to Improve Your Score in OlliOlli World!

OlliOlli World: Tips for Improving Your Score

The key factor to consider when trying to improve your score in OlliOlli World is making the biggest combo possible through a level, often through persistent Manual landings, and keeping those combos alive using Grinding, Wallriding, and Firecrackers downstairs.  Any one of those three mechanics should be present at any level and will add to your combo score multiplier. You can add advanced or special tricks to bolster your score in between using any of these mechanics so that when you cross the finish line with a satisfying landing, you’ll get a huge bonus.  Keep in mind that in seeking the best score possible, you’ll find the obvious best way is to have a nonstop combo from start to finish.  If you wipe out or ‘slam’ you go back to the checkpoint, and the game will reduce your score to whatever tricks you landed before the previous combo.


Manuals are a type of landing where you tap or hold the A/X/B button and hold the left stick either left or right just before making contact with the ground after tricks, and you can do this up to three times to keep a combo active.  Don’t get greedy, because once you do the fourth trick you won’t be able to Manual or preserve the combo unless you grind on rails, wallride, or land a firecracker on some stairs.  This is described by Malik from the Sketchside area as a “balance” of Manuals you can’t normally exceed. You can do all of these tricks as soon as you start the game if those set pieces are available, but Manuals are the glue that holds your combo together when they’re not around.

When you encounter levels with grinding, there’s plenty of panache you can lay down on the rails, especially when jumping in between them.  The basics of Grinding are essentially that you must hold your left stick in one of 4 directions before making contact with a rail to grind on it, and if not you’ll miss the rail entirely.  Tapping in whichever direction you choose just as you’re about to hit the rail will result in a perfect landing, making a better score, and you can even execute a Grab by then moving the right stick in whatever direction you landed.  Landing and grabs on rails each improve your multiplier, and you can do additional grabs on the rails by doing a Grind Switch, which is where you hold A/X/B (depending on the system) and move the left stick in one of four basic directions, this also boosts your multiplier.  On long rails, you could, for instance, grind on it, execute a grab, one or more switches on top of that, and then jump off to perform a trick.  Even more, if you factor in spins and grabs while in midair, take it one step at a time.

Wallriding is simple and fun in this game and adds to the 3D presentation while still retaining a 2D feel.  Wallriding is often presented as a crucial way to cross what’s otherwise a chasm you can fall, but initiating a wallride is simply a matter of holding the left stick in any direction before making contact with these walls, often being billboards or signs.  These don’t require nearly as much finesse as grinding but if you’re high enough up in the air you have the time to perform a rad Special Trick while pulling off a Spin and Grab in time to then time a manual landing, you’ll see a huge multiplier growth.  There are levels where multiple small wallriding opportunities arise – try not to overthink these and just do simple tricks in between or you’ll just slam, and you’ll still get lots of points toward your combo.


Firecrackers are interesting in that, while you’re not taught until far later in the game, they are the first of this set of mechanics to make an appearance, being in the earliest parts of Sunset Valley.  They’re fundamentally not hard to perform, you just execute an otherwise normal Manual when you’re about to land on a downward-facing set of stairs and you’ll get lots of points.  It is also the earliest instance through which you can reset your Manual balance and keep your combo going many times over.

If you follow all of these suggestions and keep your combo going for as long as possible, executing the more advanced tricks when you see plenty of airtime and don’t exceed your Manual balance, you’ll get a massive score when you cross the finish line.  Given how players are already optimizing their scores well, don’t fret too much about the Leaderboards but instead just focus on improving your Personal Best scores.

This concludes our guide on How to Improve Your Score in OlliOlli World!  Be sure to check out more guides below!

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