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Oninaki: How To Upgrade Weapons

Sacrifice your excess weapons to strengthen others.

by Dean James


Oninaki has a rather different equipment system than other RPGs, as rather than equipping actual weapons at first, you instead equip Daemons that each have a different weapon style. You will then equip weapons to those Daemons that correspond to their style, with there being plenty to find in the game. It is also possible to upgrade these weapons to make them stronger and this guide will explain just how you can do that.

How To Upgrade Weapons in Oninaki

Upgrading weapons is not something that will be available right out of the gate in Oninaki, but it will become available later in the game. You will accumulate a lot of loot from defeating enemies in the game, which will all go to your inventory that you can later upgrade.

To upgrade your weapons, you must visit Szaka from the world map, specifically the town of Deto. From here, you’re going to want to select spot #2 and travel there.

From here, head directly left and you will see a little shop that you can interact with, which is the Alchemist. After speaking with him, select Upgrade Weapons and then select the actual weapon you want to select to upgrade. Make sure to pay attention to the rarity of these weapons too, as you probably want to upgrade your strongest ones.

Once you select a weapon you want to upgrade, the screen will go back to the list of weapons. Now you must select up to eight weapons in your inventory to sacrifice to power up the previously chosen weapon. Notice the Upgrade meter on the left, as there is a max you can upgrade a specific weapon and it might be reached with less than eight weapons. On the other hand, you may have to keep going through the upgrade process of sacrificing eight at a time to the same weapon that has a much higher max later in the game as well.

Upgrading your weapons is a very useful technique to take advantage of in Oninaki, so make sure to continue to visit the Alchemist throughout the game, as you should be traveling through Deto rather often.

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